Whitetail Deer Hunting News

Closed Deer Zones Re-Open
Good news for deer hunters in northeast Arkansas. Water levels on area waterways have receded to a level that will allow the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to re-open deer season in that area of the state. AGFC director Hugh Durham signed a proclamation today opening the two zones immediately.
Preliminary Firearm Deer Hunting Season Figures
Preliminary figures indicate 39,398 deer were taken during the 2001 regular firearm season, a hunter success rate of about 54 percent, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
November Firearms Deer Harvest Tops 205,000
Missouri hunters enjoyed nearly perfect weather for the second year in a row and posted a record harvest of 205,867 deer during the November firearms deer hunt. Conservation Department officials said last year that a repeat of the record 2000 deer harvest - 201,165 - was as unlikely as a repetition of the nearly flawless weather, but this year's conditions were even better than last year's.
Deer Season Unchanged; Harvest Down
No additional days will be added to the Arkansas's deer modern gun season this year. Commissioners from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had asked agency biologists to look at the extension after concerns about a reduced deer harvest this season.
Firearms Deer Harvest Third Highest on Record
Despite the unusually warm weather that dominated this year's deer season, the 2001 firearms deer harvest was the third highest on record, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Hunters harvested 200,100 deer statewide, an increase of 8,500 deer (4 percent) compared with the very successful 2000 season. This year's firearms deer harvest total is exceeded only by harvests in 1991 when 206,275 deer were taken and 1992 when 229,236 deer were taken during the firearms season.
Deer Dumping Causes Problems
With the January extension of firearms deer season approaching, it's important for hunters to know that dumping deer carcasses in streams isn't acceptable.
Big Game Awards Honor Texas Hunting Heritage
The rewards of hunting may be self-apparent, but the recognition of the role it plays in Texas often goes unnoticed.
Live Test For CWD In Deer
A test for chronic wasting disease that samples tonsil tissue from live mule deer has been developed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, providing a new tool to help prevent the spread and reduce the prevalence of the disease in wild and captive deer herds. The testing of tonsil tissue appears to also be effective in white-tailed deer, but is not effective for elk because the disease develops differently in the two species. There continues to be no live test for elk. The test was developed in conjunction with Colorado State University in Fort Collins and the University of Wyoming in Laramie.
Firearm Deer Harvest 2001 Season Totals
Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 99,167 deer during the 2001 firearm deer season. The preliminary figure compares with a harvest total of 101,533 deer taken during the 2000 firearm season.
Firearm Deer Season Harvest
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced its preliminary estimates of the 2001 Michigan firearm deer season harvest. The DNR estimate shows there were 283,000 deer taken, of which 167,000 were antlered and 116,000 were antlerless. This estimate is 16 percent below the previous five-year average. The state's record harvest occurred in 1998 when 351,475 deer (187,632 antlered, 163,843 antlerless) were taken.