Whitetail Deer Hunting News

White-Tail Importation Suspended
In an action aimed at protecting the state's multi-billion dollar hunting and livestock industries against the threat of disease, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission voted during an emergency meeting here today to suspend the importation of white-tailed deer into Texas. The commissions actions comes quickly after South Dakota and Wisconsion both confirmed CWD in their wild white-tail herds.
Deer Meetings Start March 12th
If you have an interest in Vermont's white-tailed deer you will want to attend one of five upcoming public meetings being held by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department to discuss the status of the deer population and deer herd management. The meetings begin March 12 in Montpelier. Wildlife biologists will explain the current condition of deer, the affects of the winter and they will review last fall's hunting season results. They also will be asking for input from attendees about managing Vermont's deer population.
Deer Hunting Down 44 Percent
Nova Scotia hunters bagged 9,554 deer during the 2001 hunting season, down 44 percent from the year before. The Department of Natural Resources issued 13,200 stamps to hunt antlerless deer (does) last season, but only 3,057 of those hunters were successful. Another 6,497 hunters bagged buck deer for a total of 9,554. Severe winters are blamed for reducing the white tail deer population.
Chronic Wasting Disease Detected in Wild White-tail
A deer harvested by a hunter this past hunting season in Fall River County has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease. In fact, the heads of over 500 deer were collected from South Dakota hunters this past fall to test for CWD. There were 76 deer collected in Fall River County alone. The infected deer was one of these 76, and there are more to still be tested.
Healthy Whitetail Deer Herd
Information gathered from deer check stations this past season indicate Vermont's Whitetail herd is healthy and productive. Data gathered by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department biologists from deer harvested in the 2001 season indicate healthy buck-doe ratios, good body weights, and promising antler development - - indicating adequate nutrition for the herd.
Deer Hunter Survey Results
The results of a much anticipated statewide deer hunter survey have been received by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Last June the DNR contracted with Responsive Management of Harrisonburg, Va., to conduct a scientifically valid survey of resident Minnesota deer hunters to assess their opinions and attitudes about issues pertaining to deer management. You can download the full report here.
Antler Hunting Season
Deer season is over and Kansas hunters have enjoyed ample time to harvest these tasty big game animals. Even so, a related season continues for those who still seek trophies. Now is the time to find shed deer antlers, natural artwork made of bone cast from bucks when the mating period is over. Many Kansans comb forest and field in search of these outdoor treasures.
White Tail Hunter Receives Recognition
The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners recognized Jim Rowles of Troutville, Clearfield County, for harvesting the largest non-typical white-tailed deer in the Game Commission's 2001 Big Game Awards Program. The buck, taken in Jefferson County in 2000, scored 203-1, and ranks fifth in the state's All-Time Big Game Records for the "non-typical white-tailed deer firearm category". Rowles application was original misplaced by the Game Commission.
Preliminary All Season Deer Numbers
The 2001 combined Massachusetts deer seasons will likely rank as the fourth highest deer kill in the state's history when all data cards are tallied. Preliminary figures generated by phone calls to 73 official deer check stations around the state suggest licensed archery hunters took 2886 deer, shotgunners took 6014 and muzzleloading enthusiasts tagged 846. Four additional deer were taken during the special hunt for paraplegic sportsmen. The preliminary all season total of 9750 deer places 2001 behind the 2000 (11096), 1995 (11059) and 1997 (10286) seasons in terms of combined harvest. An additional 101 deer were taken as part of the Quabbin Reservation Controlled Hunt and are considered separately from the statewide totals.
Public Meetings on Deer Management
For the third year in a row, Dr. Gary Alt, Pennsylvania Game Commission Deer Management Section supervisor, is keeping his pledge to meet with the public about the agency's new direction in deer management. The meetings will start on January 16th, after the Board of Game Commissioners gives preliminary approval to the 2002-2003 deer seasons and bag limits.