Whitetail Deer Hunting News

Antlerless Deer Hunting Rules Clarified
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wants hunters to beware of current antlerless deer hunting regulations. The agency's first edition of the 2002-2003 Hunting Handbook, released in June, has an error that indicates the season bag limit during antlerless deer season is two antlerless deer. This error has been corrected in the second edition released this month. There is no season bag limit for deer.
Archery Season Opens October 5th
"Vermont's deer population is estimated at 130,000 to 140,000 and it is healthy and growing," said wildlife biologist John Buck. "Archery hunters have averaged a 15 percent success rate during the last five years, which translates to an average harvest of just over 4,600 deer. Hunter success, however, will depend greatly on weather, food distribution and the tactics and skills used by hunters."
Excellent Hunting Expected for Deer and Fall Turkey
"The early muzzleloader deer season is a unique opportunity for hunters who like to hunt in a solitary situation before the snow flies," said Richard Bishop, chief of the DNR's wildlife bureau. "The weather is beautiful. The leaves are changing colors and it is a great time to be out in the woods." Bishop said he expects the deer harvest to at least equal last year's record number of 135,000. He said Iowa has an excellent population of high quality deer.
Comments Sought on Nonresident Elk and Deer License Fees
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment on the proposed annual rule that will set the prices for outfitter-sponsored nonresident elk and deer hunting licenses in 2003. Commissioners tentatively adopted the rule in September. Oct. 28 is the deadline for public comment. The proposed license fees for both the outfitter sponsored big game and the elk combination licenses would go down by $50.
Biologists Monitor Deer Populations Health
Targeted monitoring of Ohio's deer herd since June has found no sign of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. State wildlife staff throughout Ohio received training early this summer to provide them with information on how to identify possible cases of CWD.
New License Log Deer Hunting Requirements
As you come upon that freshly killed buck this fall, the adrenaline still flowing, something as simple as filling out a deer tag can become quite confusing. At least, that's what Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens have observed in the past.
539 Deer Collected in Final CWD Shooting
Landowners and Department of Natural Resources shooters killed 539 deer within the 389 square mile chronic wasting disease (CWD) Eradication Zone last week during the fourth and final week-long shooting period this summer.
Deer Attractants Prohibited
With South Dakota's youth deer season opening Saturday, Sept. 14, and the archery deer season opening Saturday, Sept. 21, state Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) officials are reminding hunters that hunting over deer licks or bait stations is prohibited.
Remaining Deer Permits Available in October
Licensed deer hunters are reminded that an antlerless deer permit and accompanying tag are required for all antlerless deer taken during the 2002 archery, shotgun and muzzleloader seasons. License holders who applied for a permit through the drawing system have been sent notification cards either advising of their selection for their Deer Management Zone (DMZ) of choice or offering a permit in an alternate DMZ. Remaining permits will be made available over the counter at MassWildlife offices beginning October 2. Check the website at www.MassWildlife.org in late September for the list of DMZs for which permits will be sold.
Deer Permit Applications Deadline Nearing
The deadline to apply for a Vermont muzzleloader season antlerless deer hunting permit is September 20, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. "This year's permit total is 25 percent lower statewide than last year," says wildlife biologist John Buck. "We felt it necessary to reduce the number of permits in most wildlife management units due to winter-related losses of deer in 2000-2001. Permit numbers in the southern four management units and Grand Isle were increased or reduced only slightly. Ten of Vermont's 24 wildlife management units will have no antlerless permits this year."