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Arkansas GFC Lists Opening Dates for 2013 Deer Hunting

Arkansas deer hunters who plan in advance for upcoming seasons focus on scheduling vacations, making reservations and arranging other details of the annual major event.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has set deer season openings for 2013, and there is a change for archery hunters.

American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Announces New Campaign to Dispel Myths on CWD


American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Announces New Campaign to Dispel Myths on CWD


Texas Expands Use of Suppressors for Hunting of Non-exotic Game

Officials in Texas have adopted rules allowing hunters to use suppressors (often called silencers) on their firearms effective September 1, 2012. Texas has now become one of a growing number of states that allow or are considering allowing suppressed hunting. Arizona just enacted permission for their use in March of 2012.

Dead Trophy Bucks May Soon Father Fawns with Does Hundreds of Miles Away

An absolute monster of a buck harvested in Illinois successfully impregnated six does in Louisiana after his death. That sounds impossible, but with the help of a determined hunter and the brains and technology of a researcher at Louisiana State University, it’s very possible.

South Dakota Hunting Seasons Proposed

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has proposed changes in several fall hunting seasons, including West River Deer, Black Hills Deer, Archery Deer, Archery Antelope, Youth Deer, Muzzleloader Deer, Fall Turkey and the August Management Take for Canada Geese.

Changes proposed for the West River Deer Season include:

Deer Herd Panics in Minnesota Town, Smashing into Mall, Bus Stops and More

deer herdIf there’s one alternative to hunting deer for dinner, it’s hitting a deer with your car. One driver took home an extra meal after he accidentally hit one of eight disoriented deer that were running amok in downtown Moorhead, Minnesota.

Ted Nugent to Give Away Autographed Deer Skull in Contest

Photo: H. Michael Karshis (flickr)Fans of the Nuge, check this out – count how many times Ted Nugent says “Are ya kidding me?!?” in episode 26-2012 of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild and Nugent will send you a deer skull with his autograph on it.

Buck Deer Permits Reduced Slightly in Utah

For months now, deer hunters have wondered how many general buck deer permits will be available for Utah’s 30 new deer hunting units this fall. On May 3, the Utah Wildlife Board gave the answer: 86,500.

The board divided the 86,500 permits as follows:

Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas Announces Dates for 2013 Event

Monster BuckBrian D. Smith the founder of the Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas event announced Tuesday the dates for the 2013 event.