White-Tail Deer Permit Apps

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The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has announced that applications for 2002 deer permits are now available. For those hunters who wish to take a mule deer (called an Any Deer permit), an application must be submitted to the agency by July 12. All other resident deer permits and game tags, including Whitetail Either Sex permits, may be purchased anytime through the next-to-last day of the deer seasons.

Applications have been mailed to all resident deer hunters who applied for firearms permits last year. Although hunters can obtain Whitetail Either Sex permits throughout the season at select KDWP offices, hunters are encouraged to obtain these permits early through the mail to avoid waiting in lines at department offices.

As in past years, Whitetail Anterless Only Deer Game Tags and Statewide Archery permits can be purchased throughout the season at KDWP offices, county clerks, and some license vendors.

Again this year, each hunter is limited to a maximum of one antlered deer permit. However, each hunter may purchase as many as five whitetail antlerless permits in addition to that single antlered permit. Department officials and the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission are prescribing those deer permitting guidelines in an attempt to maintain healthy proportions of mature bucks in the deer population while allowing a liberal antlerless deer harvest to stabilize the state's deer population.

Other provisions for the 2002 deer seasons include the following:

Whitetail Either Sex firearms permits are valid for use during the early muzzleloader-only season and the regular firearms season, with equipment legal for the season in which they are being used;

Whitetail Antlerless Only permits may be purchased (limit of one per hunter) throughout the season and are valid in all deer management units and on KDWP lands. They are valid during the early muzzleloader, regular firearms, and archery seasons, with equipment legal for the season in which they are being used; and any hunter may purchase as many as four Whitetail Anterless Only Deer Game Tags, but only two Game Tags may be used in units 1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 14, 17, and 18. The Game Tags are valid for white-tailed antlerless deer only, and may be used during any muzzleloader, archery, or firearms season with equipment legal for the season in which the hunt occurs. Deer Game Tags are not valid on department-managed lands, but may be used on Walk In Hunting Areas that allow deer hunting.

Preference points will be given unsuccessful applicants in the firearms Any Deer permit draw. Applicants will earn one point for each year he or she is unsuccessful in obtaining an any deer permit, ensuring equitable distribution of those permits.

Any Deer, Whitetail Either Sex, and Whitetail Antlerless only permits are $30.50. Deer Game Tags are $10.50. All permits that may be purchased over the counter will be available by Aug. 1.

Applications and detailed information on deer seasons and permitting options are available in the booklet mailed to all of last year's firearms deer permit applicants. Any hunter who does not receive an application booklet through the mail may obtain one by contacting the department's Pratt office (620)672-5911. The deer season information and application booklet can also be downloaded from the KDWP website (www.kdwp.state.ks.us).