Western Slope DOW Rep Sought

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The Division of Wildlife is seeking a sportsman or sportswoman to volunteer for the Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council, which educates the public about the benefits of hunting and fishing.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is recruiting a volunteer from the Western Slope to serve on the Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council (WMPEAC).

Candidates are required by statute to have purchased big game hunting licenses on a regular basis and will represent Western Slope hunters. Candidates must be nominated by a sportsmen's organization or club with a regional or statewide membership.

WMPEAC is charged with developing a media-based information program to educate citizens about the benefits of wildlife management and wildlife- related recreation, specifically hunting and fishing.

The Division of Wildlife director appoints WMPEAC members. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to nominate candidates by sending a letter of nomination and their candidate's resume to: Director, Colorado Division of Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216. Nominations are due by March 1.

More information is available from the Division's public affairs office at (303) 291-7287.