West Virginia DNR Law Enforcement Requests Public Help in Deer Slaughter Case

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At least 13 deer were shot, killed and left lying on the ground in the Fairmont area during the month prior to the start of the deer firearms seasons this week, and the Law Enforcement Section of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is requesting help from the public to solve this case. The deer were found in the Apple Valley / Boothsville area, according to Capt. William Persinger of the WVDNR District 1 Office in Farmington.

Six deer were shot and killed within 25 yards of a residence in Apple Valley. Another seven deer were shot and killed on two additional properties near the same area, near several residences that were within 100 yards of each other.

 “It has all the indications of being a copycat thrill killing case similar to others we’ve seen around the country,” Capt. Persinger said. “Some of the deer had small parts removed as if the shooters wanted to keep them as trophies, just like the traits we have seen with some serial killers.”

WVDNR Law Enforcement has been investigating and is asking for assistance from the public. Anyone who has information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of those involved in this crime is asked to contact Natural Resources Police Officers James Crawley, Randall Kocsis or Capt. William Persinger at the WVDNR District 1 Office headquarters in Farmington at 304-825-6787.

“Poaching is not just a violation of the law; it also deprives honest sportsmen of the opportunity to legally harvest game,” Capt. Persinger said.   


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AThirteen poached deer is a

AThirteen poached deer is a huge number. It's bad enough when you read of one here and there but this is rediculous. Hopefully someone saw something or they decide to talk about it and get turned in and have to pay for what they did. Taking pieces for trophies and leaving the animal to rot cannot be forgiven. I bet they will talk and this one will get figured out before to long.

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  Just plain criminals. 


Just plain criminals.  Disgusting.  With that many animals poached and wasted somebody has to know something.  I really do hope these criminals are caught, found guilty, no plea deal, and they go to jail with large fines waiting to be paid on their release.  Their careless and reckless behavior is definitely a safety issue for the general public.  To be shooting in that close proximity to a residence just shows their disregard for human life as well.  While the area may be more rural that still does not qualify the shootings.  The other significant issue here is that meat could have been used for the hungry - instead it was wasted and mutilated by having "trophies" of their kill removed.  Just sickens me to read something as large scale as this poaching incident.  No mention of reward money but it certainly should be large in order to drive somebody to come forward. 


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Wow, unbelieveable example of

Wow, unbelieveable example of dangerous, illegal, and unethical behavior.  First of all, killing those deer is plain disgusting, ecpecially if you leave them to rot.  Then, you shoot them within 25 yards of a residence?  It's instances like this that anti-hunters will use to label us all.  What it more than likely is, is some guy or guys, having a few too many spirits, going out and acting like baffoons.

I have been all over West virginia a few times the last couple of years, and each time, I see a 100 deer in a week, easily. It's very sad that someone would take advantage of that overpopulation and do something like this.  Hopefully they will be able to find some sort of evidence, bullets, casings, whatever, and find who did this.  Then they can punish them accordingly.