West Virginia Big Buck Contest Begins October 1

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The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR), Izaak Walton League of West Virginia, West Virginia Bowhunters Association, West Virginia Muzzleloaders Association, West Virginia Physically Challenged Advisory Board, and Toyota are again sponsoring the West Virginia Big Buck Contest for deer taken between Oct. 1 and Dec.31, 2011, according to Gene Thorn, Chairman of the West Virginia Big Buck Contest Review Committee. 

During this time, any hunter who bags a deer in West Virginia with antlers having eight or more points, a 26-inch beam length, and points that are more than eight inches long may have a winning buck. Antlers will be measured according to the official scoring system for North American big game animals established by the Boone and Crockett Club.

Plaques will be awarded to eight overall first-place winners for typical and non-typical bucks in gun, bow, muzzleloader, and crossbow (physically challenged) categories at the National Hunting and Fishing Days Celebration held at Stonewall Jackson State Park on the fourth weekend in September 2012. 

Gun and muzzleloader hunters whose bucks score more than 140 points typical or 165 non-typical will receive certificates commemorating the entry of their buck into the West Virginia Big Buck Contest and Records Keeping Program.  Bowhunters or physically-challenged crossbow hunters whose bucks score more than 125 points typical or 155 non-typical will also receive certificates. 

There were 66 new entries into the Big Buck Records last year that were taken during the 2010 season. The season total showed 11 bucks taken by gun hunters, one by muzzleloader, 52 by bowhunters, and two by crossbow.  Bucks taken in previous years may still be scored for a certificate and entry into the records, if they meet the minimum score.

Hunters wishing to have their deer scored should contact the closest official scorer by checking the DNR’s website www.wvdnr.gov/hunting/BigBuckContest.shtm where there is a list of Official Measurers or through any DNR Wildlife District Office.  Phone numbers and addresses are listed in the 2011-2012 West Virginia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary.  Appointments must be made for scoring trophies.  Many hunters have their deer scored by a team of official measurers during the West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show, held in late January at the Charleston Civic Center. Hunters will be required to read and sign a Fair Chase Affidavit and must bring their official Game Check Tag with the antlers to be measured.


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  Oh yes, many of the eastern


Oh yes, many of the eastern states have a big buck contest.  This is really big in Michigan and Ohio I know.  Many hunters who have harvested these bruts and those who did not, show up at these big buck contest centers to see all of the great deer that were harvested.  This is a great show and often contain some very nice prizes to the winners.

Special wishes for those hunters in West Virginia with their contest here.  May your arrows and/or bullets fly true and hit their mark!


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I love contests like this! 

I love contests like this!  Every year I go back to Vermont, I get into a buck pool there at our local weigh in station. It's not quite as involved as this appears to be in West Virginia, and ours goes specifcally by weight.  There are prizes, always a gun of some kind, for the largest buck, lucky hunter 9drawing), and unlucky hunter (also a drawing).

But it's still fun to keep track of, none the less.  West Virginia has some awesome deer, so the winners should be some real bruisers!


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That is pretty cool.  I have

That is pretty cool.  I have never heard of a contest in any state for big bucks.  That will make alot of guy really hold out for that big buck they now is roaming arounds their woods,  Good luck to all the hunters.