West Virginia Hunting News

West Virginia DNR Law Enforcement Requests Public Help in Deer Slaughter Case

At least 13 deer were shot, killed and left lying on the ground in the Fairmont area during the month prior to the start of the deer firearms seasons this week, and the Law Enforcement Section of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is requesting help from the public to solve this case. The deer were found in the Apple Valley / Boothsville area, according to Capt. William Persinger of the WVDNR District 1 Office in Farmington.

Bear Poaching Convictions in Preston County by West Virginia DNR Law Enforcement

A father and son from Terra Alta, W.Va., have been convicted of several violations of West Virginia’s wildlife laws following a two-week black bear poaching/killing investigation in Preston County.

The investigation was conducted by Natural Resources Police Officer Paul Ferguson after he received information from a confidential informant about a bear poaching. That investigation resulted in the arrest of Arnold Dalton, age 77, and his son Eric Dalton, age 47.

2011 West Virginia Deer Gun Seasons Fact Sheet
  • The West Virginia firearm buck gun season is Nov. 21 – Dec. 3. It is open in all counties except Logan, Mingo, McDowell and Wyoming.
  • Approximately 330,000 licensed hunters will be in West Virginia’s woods during this season.
  • Hunters should review the 2011 - 2012 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary for detailed instructions concerning bag limits and season dates.
Harrison County, West Virginia Juvenile Cited for Illegal Trophy Buck Kill

A 16-year old Bridgeport male has been cited on charges of illegally killing a trophy buck deer while hunting on private property located along Meadowbrook road near Bridgeport, according to West Virginia Division of Natural Resources District 1 Capt. W. A. Persinger.

Elk Escape From Captive Cervid Facility in Pennsylvania Near West Virginia Border

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) has confirmed with officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) that at least two elk, including one adult bull and one cow, have escaped from a captive cervid facility (deer and elk farms) in Greene County, Pa.  Greene County shares a common border with Marshall, Wetzel and Monongalia counties in West Virginia. The elk escaped from a captive cervid facility located approximately three miles from the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border.

West Virginia Black Bear Gun Hunting Opportunities

West Virginia gun hunters are blessed with an abundance of black bear hunting opportunities, according to Colin Carpenter, Black Bear Project leader for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. In addition to a five-week bow season for black bears, hunters may use a variety of different methods to pursue this magnificent animal, including concurrent hunting during the deer gun season, and hunting with or without dogs.

CITES Seals Needed for Bobcat and River Otter in West Virginia

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) advises trappers and hunters to obtain a CITES seal for each bobcat and river otter pelt from animals harvested in West Virginia.  The plastic seal is necessary only if the pelts will be shipped out of the state.  Federal law requires the seal on all bobcat and river otter pelts if they will eventually be shipped to international markets such as those in Canada.  The seals must be obtained from the state in which the animals were harvested.

West Virginia Trappers and Hunters Must Tag Furbearers

Trappers harvesting beaver, bobcat, fisher and otter are reminded they must present the whole animal or pelt to an official game checking station or West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) representative for checking within 30 days after the close of the respective season. A tag provided by the checking station shall be attached to the whole animal or pelt until it has been sold, tanned or mounted.

West Virginia Wild Boar Firearms Season Opens October 22

The wild boar firearms season is scheduled to open on Oct. 22, and run through Oct. 29, according to Kem Shaw, Assistant District 5 Wildlife Biologist for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

“Wounded Warriors” Bear Hunt Successful in West Virginia

A group of wounded veterans recently participated in a special bear hunt in Pendleton and Hardy counties over a three-day period, Sept. 26-28. The nine hunters, seven of whom are from West Virginia, were part of the Wounded Warrior program, organized for the second year by the Potomac Highlands Wounded Warrior Outreach Program.