Washington Commission Moves Location of Meeting on Recommended Wolf Management Plan

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The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has changed the location of a special meeting scheduled Thursday, Oct. 6, on a Wolf Conservation and Management Plan recommended by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

The citizen commission, which sets policy for WDFW, will hold its public meeting in the first-floor auditorium of the General Administration Building in Olympia, rather than in the Natural Resource Building as previously announced. As before, the meeting will start at 9 a.m.

The General Administration Building is located at 210 – 11th Ave. S.W. on the Capitol Campus in Olympia, across Capitol Way from the Natural Resources Building. Parking is available near both buildings, which are located within walking distance from one another.

“We decided we might need a larger meeting space to accommodate the number of people who have expressed interest in this issue,” said Miranda Wecker, who chairs the commission.

An agenda for the meeting is posted on the commission’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/.

At the meeting, the commission will resume its discussion about the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan recommended for approval by WDFW. Public comments will be accepted in the afternoon.

The recommended plan is designed to guide state management efforts as wolves re-establish a sustainable breeding population in the state. The plan is available online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/gray_wolf/.

The commission is expected to take action on the plan in December.


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  Very nice to need to move


Very nice to need to move to a larger building due to the expected attendance of the meeting.  This is Washington's chance to put together a management plan that allows for the wolf wildlife to exist and grow to a managable population while at the same time offering a hunting season as part of that management program.  Good for Washington and high hopes for the plan.  As more states have approved management programs the easier it is for other western states to move forward in their own management programs.



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Good start Washington and

Good start Washington and hope it helps to establish a wolf season in the state. I am sure there will be plenty of huggers and antis at this meeting spreading their misguided ideas. Hope that sound management wins over emotions. Solid management is the answer which includes hunting and keeping both prey and predators in check. I am sure we will hear more on this down the road.

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Good to hear Washington is

Good to hear Washington is taking the steps to accomadate to the people thier expecting. Also good thier taking the step to create a wolf plan. There becoming a problem in both Washington and Oregon and need to be addressed and an action plan needs to be put in place. I don't think Oregon has updated our plan in several years.