Virginia Hurricane Damage to Waterfowl Hunting Blinds Requires Action by Hunters

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Hurricane Damage to Waterfowl Hunting Blinds Requires Action by Hunters to Retain Their Locations

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) mailed a letter September 1 alerting waterfowl blind license holders that in light of the recent hurricane, they should be aware that Virginia Code 29.1-347 states that if a stationary blind or blind stake (either riparian or non-riparian) has been destroyed in any manner beyond the control of the owner, it may be replaced within thirty days of the event to avoid losing the position which it formerly occupied. Since Hurricane Irene impacted Virginia on August 27, 2011, the 30-day period began that day and runs through September 25, 2011.

Hunters looking to license a new blind starting September 1 may see a location for a waterfowl hunting blind that appears available when in fact that location may have been previously licensed. VDGIF wants to let waterfowl hunters know that in the event of a conflict, the original license will be honored within the 30-day period.  Beyond the 30 days (September 26, 2011) the position becomes available to anyone through October 15, 2011.

To retain their stationary blind or blind stake, waterfowl hunters need to take appropriate action. They must have their plates with current decal affixed to the stake or blind. If hunters need a replacement decal or plate, they are asked to please contact VDGIF Customer Service at 1-866-721-6911. The same information provided to license agents to purchase the original license will be required to provide a new decal / plate for that site.

A replacement decal and or plate will be provided free of charge. The blind plate, if requested, and a decal for the plate will be mailed within three to five business days.

For all stationary blinds, if a stake has been erected on the site of a stationary blind, such stake must be replaced by a blind by November 1 pursuant to the provisions of Code of Virginia §; 29.1-341. Such stationary blinds shall conform to the standards prescribed in §; 29.1-341.

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