Vero Vellini Introduces New Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling

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Vero Vellini, the manufacturer of the world's most comfortable slings, has announced the introduction of the new Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling. This revolutionary design is guaranteed to stop rifle bounce while walking, and it retracts the excess sling material that can get caught on objects when bringing your rifle up to shoot. The patented automatic retraction system instantly retracts whenever the sling is not bearing weight; therefore, you never have to worry about a slack sling getting in the way of a good shot.

Constructed of premium leather and non-slip neoprene, the shoulder pad provides supreme comfort for extended hours in the field. The Vero Vellini Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling's durable nylon webbing quickly self-adjusts to allow carry over one or both shoulders. The Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling's comfort and functionality are unparalleled in today's market.

Made in Germany, the new Vero Vellini Retractable Sling is available in three colors: olive, black and brown. The slings are available for $159.99 at select retailers nationwide or online at

Vero Vellini has been the acknowledged leader in comfortable, handcrafted gun slings. For nearly two decades, the company has been crafting these beautifully detailed and highly durable slings in Germany. Vero Vellini created the Air Cushion concept, which sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic material to create an almost weightless feeling when carrying a firearm. The company also boasts the most slip-proof sling available from the use of a unique, highly durable rubber backing. Vero Vellini also manufactures fast-access cartridge cases and straps for binoculars and cameras. For more information on Vero Vellini, contact: Pioneer Research, 97 Foster Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057; call 800-257-7742; or visit


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retailing for $159.99 !


I’ve never heard of Vero Vellini or of an Automatic Retractable Rifle Sling.  But at first thought it sounded like a cool idea.  Until I got to the part about it retailing for $159.99 !   

 Quite frankly that’s more than I have paid for most of my rifles and that seems to be a bit silly.  I mean a sling is a sling and you really ought to have your rifle in your hands when you are hunting anyway, right?

I agree – at that price the sling out to just about drag a deer to the truck for you, so whether it’s a nifty new (aka revolutionary) idea or not, I don’t see them getting much of the rifle sling market with anyone that I know.

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Sounds like a great and

Sounds like a great and interesting product that I would like to try out but at 160 dollars I feel that is far to much for a sling. I have had great satisfaction with Butler creek and others for about 20.

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This is pretty cool, however

This is pretty cool, however I can see one possible problem.

It says that it retracts all the slack when you pull the rifle up to shoot.  I actually use the slack some time to wrap around my arm.  Might cause some confusion.

I think it would be a nice product, just take some extra practice time at the range.

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I have to agree with you. For

I have to agree with you. For that much money, I would expect a rifle sling to field dress and drag out my deer!

I also use Butler Creek products. The one that I will be using on my Wyoming hunt is made of something that resembles neoprene. It is very soft, it has some "give" to it that a leather sling doesn't, and I'm not concerned about it "getting in the way" when I am shooting.

As a side note, I also like to fasten my slings to the rifle with quick detachable swivels. That way, if I want to remove it while sitting on a stand, it's very easy to do so.