Vermont's 2011 White-tail Deer Seasons Confirmed

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The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department announces that dates for the 2011 white-tailed deer hunting seasons have been confirmed.

Dates for archery and muzzleloader seasons were intentionally omitted from the 2011 Vermont Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Laws and Guide because the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board was considering adding an additional October muzzleloader and archery seasons at the time the guide was being printed. The Board voted not to implement any season changes.

With no changes in the season structure from previous years, here are the dates of Vermont's four deer hunting seasons for this autumn.

  • ARCHERY: Oct. 1-23 and Dec. 3-11, 2011.
  • YOUTH: Nov. 5-6, 2011.
  • RIFLE BUCK SEASON: Nov. 12-27, 2011.
  • MUZZLELOADER: Dec. 3-11, 2011.

Season-by-season regulations can be found in the 2011 Vermont Hunting, Fishing &aTrapping Laws and Guide.

There is one change in the deer regulations for 2011. Hunters are now allowed to take three deer with their bows during archery season - only one of which may be an antlered buck.

Some Wildlife Management Units may be closed to the taking of antlerless deer during the 2011 seasons. That information will be available next summer.

The annual limit remains three deer, only two of which may be legal bucks.

"Just as in years past, we have 50 days on the calendar that hunters can pursue white-tailed deer in the Vermont woods," said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry. "We have a healthy deer herd, and my sincere hope is that hunters can use all the opportunities afforded them to hunt."


Ca_Vermonster's picture

I like the change to the

I like the change to the archery rules.  That way, if someone wants to take all 3 deer, there is no need to make them wait until rifle or muzzleloader season to do it.

I guess they did not take up the issues of the AR's again, nor did they address the 4 day doe season during archery season.  That's the one I really hope would get approved.  Maybe next year.  As for the AR's, I guess a legal buck will still have to have at least 2 points on one side.

I guess I will be making my flight reservations for the 11th.  I will probably hunt the first 4 days of the season. 

A little is better than none though. Wink

hunter25's picture

I know there was some

I know there was some controversy over some of the changes they were considering. It didn't look like a big deal to me but I don't know the state well. In fact I knew nothing of Vermony until reading all the posts from Ca-Vermonster. Speaking of whom I'm surprised he hasn't commented on this news post already!!

Sounds like the state has far more to offer than I would have expected.

Rem2arms's picture

That sounds good to me on the

That sounds good to me on the archery! Mmore shots for the MAthews,.