Vermont Hunting News

Moose Season Oct. 19-22
Vermont's moose hunting season for 2002 will be held October 19-22 with 365 permits to be issued and 225 to 250 moose expected to be taken by hunters. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board voted final approval of the moose hunt on April 17. Vermont's moose population has increased and expanded its range. Wildlife biologists estimate more than 4,000 moose are now roaming the state's woodlands. Last year 229 permits were issued and hunters took 155 moose.
Deer Meetings Start March 12th
If you have an interest in Vermont's white-tailed deer you will want to attend one of five upcoming public meetings being held by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department to discuss the status of the deer population and deer herd management. The meetings begin March 12 in Montpelier. Wildlife biologists will explain the current condition of deer, the affects of the winter and they will review last fall's hunting season results. They also will be asking for input from attendees about managing Vermont's deer population.
Healthy Whitetail Deer Herd
Information gathered from deer check stations this past season indicate Vermont's Whitetail herd is healthy and productive. Data gathered by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department biologists from deer harvested in the 2001 season indicate healthy buck-doe ratios, good body weights, and promising antler development - - indicating adequate nutrition for the herd.
Increasing Moose Hunting Permits
Vermont's moose numbers continue to grow, and the number of moose hunting permits will increase again this year in order to achieve regional population goals and provide additional hunting opportunity, according to a proposal presented to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board on January 30 in Montpelier.
Bear Season Total Reaches 489
The number of black bears taken by Vermont hunters reached a total of 489 as of December 5. "This is Vermont's third bear harvest in a row over 400," said wildlife biologist Scott Darling, who chairs the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's bear team. "Prior to these last three years, the only time the bear kill went over 400 was in 1966."