Vermont Hunting News

Vermont's Special Opportunity Moose Hunt
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department holds a free lottery each year for a 'Special Opportunity Moose Hunt' for anyone 21 years old or younger who has a life-threatening disease or illness.
Vermont Moose Application Deadline Approaching
The deadline to apply for Vermont moose hunting permits is June 1.
Vermont Increases Anterless Permits This Season
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's 2007 recommendation for the harvest of antlerless deer and youth weekend deer season was presented to the Fish and Wildlife Board on April 18.
Vermont FWD Meeting April 23
A public hearing will be held Monday, April 23, at 7:00 p.m. at the Pavilion Auditorium on State Street in Montpelier by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board on a proposed regulation designed to maximize the proper use of fish and wildlife resources.
Vermont Turkey Season Starts May 1
Vermont has some of the best turkey hunting in New England according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Hunters took a record 4,672 turkeys in the two-day spring youth and regular May 1-31 seasons last year.
Vermont Youth Turkey Season Approaching
Vermont's youth turkey hunting weekend is April 28-29 this year. This is your last chance to get into a hunter education class before that big weekend.
Vermont 2006 Deer Season Report
If you have an interest in Vermont's white-tailed deer you will want to attend one of the upcoming public meetings being held by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department to discuss the deer herd. But before you do, you may want to read the report on 2006 deer hunting season results.
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Confirm Canada Lynx Finding
A Canada lynx is now roaming the wilds of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.
Vermont Holding Hearing Regarding Hunting in Enclosures
A public hearing will be held by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board Monday, February 12, on a proposed regulation establishing a permitting process for importing and possessing wildlife for hunting in an enclosed area.
Vermont Doing Survey Regarding Posted Land
Are you seeing more land posted when you go hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, hiking or snowmobiling? If you own land, why do you post or not post your land? A new study is looking for answers - and your input is needed.