Vermont Youth Hunter Training Day, May 21st

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Young hunters who would like to improve their knowledge and skills have a golden opportunity to do so by learning from the experts on Saturday, May 21, in Castleton.

The "NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge," offered by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, Friends of the National Rifle Association and the Vermont Bearhound Association, is a free, daylong event for young hunters to practice their skills in firearms, archery and land navigation. Participants will receive instruction while working their way through stations to improve their knowledge and skills.

The event is open to anyone under 19 years of age who has a Hunter Education Safety certification card or valid hunting license. It will be held on May 21, at the Edward Kehoe Conservation Camp, Point of Pines Road in Castleton from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Free lunch, t-shirts and door prizes will be available. Mentors, parents and guardians are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Pre-registration is required by calling Ann at (802) 241-3720 or Emailing her at All equipment will be provided.


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I have said it over and over

I have said it over and over but these programs for the kids are the greatest idea for the states to do to promote learning and participation for our youth. Even the kids growing up in hunting families can benefit from this and be proud to share what they have learned. I would like to see Colorado offer more programs like this as even though my kids are too old now my grandson and others like him are on the way up and the more they can participate in the better.

Thank you to Vermont and all the states looking ahead to the future.