Vermont Seminar on Rabbit Hunting with Beagles, Sept. 18

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Seminar on Rabbit Hunting with Beagles, Sept. 18
Openings remain for more participants

Vermont’s longest hunting season is for snowshoe hare and cottontail rabbits. It starts the last Saturday in September and ends the second Sunday in March. If you would like to learn more about it, plan on attending a seminar offered by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s Hunter Education Program and Joel Perrigo of Northfield on Sunday, September 18, in Hardwick.

The one-day seminar will be an introduction to rabbit and hare hunting with beagles and is especially designed for someone who has never given it a try. Topics covered will include selection of a dog, time commitment and equipment required.

“The course is designed to help a person learn the basics about this very active and rewarding aspect of small game hunting,” said Hunter Education Training Coordinator John Pellegrini. “Participants will learn how to get started and where they can obtain more information in the future. We are fortunate to have Joel Perrigo, an experienced hunter and beagling enthusiast,as an instructor.”

The free seminar will be held at the Vermont Beagle Club at 4100 Center Road, north of Hardwick Village. Pre-registration is required. Contact John Pellegrini at 802-241-3700, or


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This is what I cut my teeth

This is what I cut my teeth on when I first hunted.  Rabbit and squirrel hunting.  I absolutely love rabbit hunting, and can remember many great times int he field chasing them.  My Dad and I used to tromp through the briars and other thick stuff, and if I found a brush pile somewhere, I would jump up and down on top trying to flush out one.

Later in the year, I had an old man I was friends with who would hunt with hounds.  He had killed so many rabbits in his time, that he only used a .22 to shoot them.  He said he liked the challenge, as compared to the shotgun.

It's also one of my favorite meats.  I could hunt them out here, but there are so m any, and it gets so hot out here, it just does not seem the same.