Vermont Needs Public Help With On-Line Deer Survey

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Here's an opportunity to help in an on-line wildlife survey by reporting information on deer and submitting digital photographs you take of bucks seen in Vermont during September.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche is asking people who observe deer in Vermont to fill out a form on the department's website and send digital photos that may be appropriate for posting on the department's on-line gallery of Vermont buck pictures.

"We are inviting the public to participate in this deer survey during September," said Laroche. "This is the first time we have attempted an on-line public deer survey. We hope it will add to the fun people have when they are watching deer this fall and that it will also help us gather new data to aid in deer management."

"Your report will help us obtain pre-hunting season information concerning the deer population, including relative deer abundance among towns and fawn to doe and buck to doe ratios. We expect it will take several years of surveys for us to determine whether survey results reveal trends that could be useful in management of Vermont's deer herd."

"We are looking forward to excellent deer hunting this fall," added Laroche. "This is the third year of the 'no-spike' antler restriction. This is the first year that we expect to find more 3 1/2 year-old bucks in the harvest. Having more older, larger bucks in the population should translate into exciting hunting this fall."

If you have any photographs from 2007 of bucks that you would like to share, please send them by email to, and be sure to fill out the on-line report form featured on Fish & Wildlife's website They are not asking you to give away any secret 'hot-spots,' but basic information such as the date and town will help make the reports more valuable.