Vermont Muzzleloader Antlerless Deer Permit Winners Announced

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The winners of Vermont’s muzzleloader season antlerless deer permits are listed on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website (

“Hunters who applied for muzzleloader antlerless deer permits may want to check our website to find out if they will be receiving a muzzleloader season antlerless permit,” said Mark Scott, Vermont’s Director of Wildlife. “Knowing the answer will help them in planning their hunt.”

The muzzleloader season antlerless permits will be mailed to recipients in October.

Due primarily to winter severity and its effects on deer survival, the number of antlerless deer permits for the December 3-11 muzzleloader season was reduced this year to 9,575 for 14 of the state’s 24 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs).

Antlerless deer may be taken in 23 of Vermont’s WMUs during the archery season, October 1-23 and December 3-11. WMU-E is closed to antlerless hunting during the archery season. Youth deer hunting weekend on November 5-6 is an either-sex deer season statewide. Any deer may be taken during this season, regardless of antler length or points.
Biologists estimate 5,224 antlerless deer will be taken in the three hunting seasons.

“This is a fairly conservative approach to antlerless deer hunting this fall,” said Mark Scott, director of wildlife for the department. “We’ve been able to reduce deer numbers in parts of the state and meet our management objectives in recent years through aggressively issuing muzzleloader permits. That, combined with severe winter weather, contributes to issuing fewer antlerless permits during the muzzleloader season this year.”


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  With the amount of


With the amount of reductions in the muzzleloader tags a harvest total expected through a the three seasons highlighted has got to be lower than a 40% success rate - I am presuming based on the numbers.  The lions share of harvest must come from the rifle season?  And with that down to the central and lower units in the state I would think the state is losing a lot of revenue.  Time for that new guy Mark recently appointed needs to get the corporate land owners to do their part in bringing back larger numbers of deer populations for a greater revenue stream for the state.


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Well, for about the 10th year

Well, for about the 10th year in a row, my father got a doe permit for muzzleloader season in Vermont.  Of course, he hunts in the zone with one of the best deer populations, and the most doe permits, but it's still good to draw.

Tough to see that they reduced them.  Alot of the guys will go on about the AR's that were instituted a few years ago, and I am not going to get into a discussion about it, but it's bull.  Fact is, as they stated in there, the severe winters are the problem.  That. more than any 2 point restriction, or increased doe kill in past years, has more to do with the overall size of the deer herd.