Vermont Moose Hunters Were 48% Successful in 2008

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Vermont moose hunters had a successful October hunting season according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

"A tally of results shows hunters took 605 moose with 1,251 hunting permits issued for this year's split season," said Cedric Alexander, the wildlife biologist who chairs Vermont's moose management team. "The overall success rate for the season was 48 percent."

"Most importantly," Alexander added, "Vermont's moose population is being managed scientifically, according to a management plan based on sound wildlife biology and a carefully regulated hunting season."

Moose numbers have increased above carrying capacity in the Northeast Kingdom, where the population is being reduced due to overbrowsing of vegetation and reduced body weights of moose.

Twelve bull moose weighed more than 800 pounds. The heaviest bull weighed 926 pounds and was shot in Granby by Nicholas Ott of Sutton.

This was Vermont's sixteenth moose hunting season in modern times, the first occurring in 1993 when 30 permits were issued and 25 moose were taken by hunters.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department reports that 11,032 residents and 2,807 nonresidents entered Vermont's moose permit lottery in 2008. Vermont's pre-hunt moose population was estimated at 4,000-5,000 with moose found almost statewide.