Vermont Moose Hunters Had a Successful Season

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Vermont moose hunters had a successful hunting season according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. A new archery moose hunt was held October 1-7, and the regular moose hunting season was October 15-20.

“A preliminary count shows that by October 25, the department had received official reports of 10 moose being taken by 53 hunters in the archery season, and 231 moose taken by 406 hunters in the regular season,” said Cedric Alexander, Vermont’s moose project leader. A few additional reports are still expected to be sent in from other reporting agents.
“Vermont’s moose population is being managed scientifically, according to a plan developed on sound wildlife biology and input from the public,” said Alexander. “We are pleased that licensed hunters achieved moose harvests very close to expectations for most Wildlife Management Units.”

This was Vermont’s 19th moose hunting season in modern times, the first occurring in 1993 when 30 permits were issued and 25 moose were taken by hunters.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department reports that 1,008 residents and 450 nonresidents entered Vermont’s 2011 archery moose permit lottery, and an 8,788 residents and 2,614 nonresidents entered the regular moose season lottery.

A final report on Vermont’s moose hunting season will be issued in January when all of the 2011 data have been received and reviewed.


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  Darn great harvest


Darn great harvest percentages for moose in vermont.  Slap on the back to the hunters for their success in harvesting as well as to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department for properly managing this species.  Now do even better in 2012!



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Those are some pretty good

Those are some pretty good harvest numbers so far. Just about 30% of bow hunters took a moose and over 50% of rifle hunters. I'd say thats pretty darn good. It looks like the draw odd are pretty steep though. If I ever drew a tag there in Vermont I'd head out and also buy a lottery ticket. I'll be interested on how the final numbers look when they come out later in the year. But I think with the archery at 30% is amazing giving it's a hard form of hunting. I usually see sucess rate with archery hunts in the mid 20% and less. so Over 30% is pretty darn good to me. Congrats to all the lucky hunters who first drew the tags and another congrats to the ones who harvested their moose.