Vermont Moose Application Deadline, June 3rd

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Vermont moose hunting permit applications are available on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department's website, and printed applications are at Vermont license agents statewide. Hunters have until June 3, to apply this year.

Lottery applications are $10 for residents and $25 for nonresidents. Winners of the permit lottery will purchase resident hunting permits for $100 and nonresident hunting permits for $350. Hunters also have the option to bid on five moose hunting permits in an auction.

"Permit allocation numbers will not be finalized until a regulation is adopted in early summer," said Wildlife Division Director Mark Scott. "We are making the applications available now for hunters' convenience. Hunters can look online at the proposed number of permits and Wildlife Management Units proposed to be open for moose hunting."

The Fish and Wildlife Department has proposed 405 moose hunting permits for the regular October 15-20 moose season, and an additional 50 permits for an archery moose season October 1-7. Separate lotteries are held for each season, and a hunter may apply for either or both lotteries on the same application.

The 2010 Vermont Moose Harvest Report with details on last year's hunt, including the towns where moose were taken, is on Fish and Wildlife's website. Look under "Hunting and Trapping" and then "Big Game."


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I'm all over it! except I can't...

I’m all over this Hunter!  But Vermont Fish and Wildlife doesn’t let you even apply for a moose tag for three years after you have drawn a permit.  God blessed me with the tag for my bull in 2009, so I don’t get to apply for moose hunting in Vermont again until 2013.  But I did forward this information to all the hunters I know who I thought might be interested.   I think Vermont is the best moose hunting bargain for non-resident hunters out there.  It’s only twenty five dollars to apply.  There is no guide required.  If you are blessed with drawing a moose permit it only costs a grand total of $450 more for the license and tag.  That is a bargain moose hunt my friend!  At least it is the cheapest one I can find and seeing as I can look into Vermont from my front porch swing, it is a no brainer that I will be applying for moose tags in Vermont for many, many more years to come.  Come to think of it, it just occurred to me as I was typing this, that it may be worth looking into the cast of a lifetime hunting license in Vermont.  If I ever make myself a resident there the FIRST thing I will do is buy the lifetime resident hunting license!    450 moose hunting permits are far less than the numbers of permits awarded in recent years.  And it is sad news to me as a potential future moose hunter that the era of issuing high numbers of permits is over.  But I still have hope of drawing in future years.  And there is hope that the number of permits issued will be increased again.    Meanwhile, I’m applying this year in New Hampshire and Maine for moose permits and I’ll be adding Vermont applications back to the list as soon as possible.  But since the odds of drawing in all three states combined is still fairly long odds, I’m going to start looking at moose hunting options in the eastern Canadian provinces too.  In any case, thanks for sharing the information.

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Wow, I'm surprised that MIke

Wow, I'm surprised that MIke hasn't beat me to making a post on this one as moose back east are his specialty and passion. That said I was also surprised at how good of a deal these permits are. If I drew the tag it would barely cost me more as a non resident there as it does as a resident here in Colorado. Although I am now interested and would very badly like to apply for this one it conflicts too much with what I already have planned. Next year though I will be ready to join the ranks of guys that put in for these tags year after year. I know I couldn't do any worse than I do applying at home anyway.