Vermont Man Runs Over Decoy Deer

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"Road hunters" who shoot at deer from Vermont roadways are violating the law and tarnishing the image of law-abiding hunters who play a vital role in managing Vermont's deer population. Consequently, State Game Wardens will use "decoy deer," which are taxidermy deer placed to represent a live deer in order to reduce illegal road hunting activity.

While working in Danville on the evening of November 17, State Game Warden Dennis Amsden and deputy State Game Wardens Aaron Mangan and Martin Montour observed a vehicle stop and shine a light on a decoy deer they had placed in a field. The vehicle then drove into the field and accelerated toward the deer and ran into it, sending it approximately 27 feet and destroying it in the process.

Joseph Clark, 31, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont was arrested and charged with felony unlawful mischief, taking deer by illegal means, possession of marijuana, and criminal driving with license suspended.