Vermont FWD Raises Hunting License Fees

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Vermont resident hunting license fees are increased for 2008 after remaining the same for six years. The resident hunting license went from $16 to $20, and the combination hunting and fishing license increased from $29 to $32.

"The cost of both of these licenses remained unchanged since 2002," said Fish & Wildlife's Director of Operations Thomas Decker. "The change now aligns the cost of a hunting license and a fishing license so they are the same, which historically was a standard practice we followed in Vermont."

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department still operates primarily on funds provided by hunters and anglers through the sale of licenses and federal taxes on related equipment and boating fuels.

"License fees are a critically important source of funding for the fish and wildlife conservation work we do and the services we provide," added Decker. "These funds are used to match federal funds available to the Fish and Wildlife Department for conserving and managing all of Vermont's fish, wildlife and habitat. These license dollars also pay for the enforcement of the state's conservation laws and many education programs. We have instituted many cost saving measures over the past five years, but some or our expenses such as gas and fuel, have continued to rise. Theoretically, from a business perspective, we would adjust fees every two years if needed, just as any business would, due to increases in operating costs."

Vermont's basic hunting and fishing license fees for 2008 remains at the low to mid-range compared to other resident licenses in surrounding states.

2008 Resident Hunting & Fishing License Fees

Fishing $20 $35 $21 $27.50 $19
Hunting $20 $22 $21 $27.50 $19
Combination $32 $46 $38 $45 $37