Vermont FWD Meeting April 23

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A public hearing will be held Monday, April 23, at 7:00 p.m. at the Pavilion Auditorium on State Street in Montpelier by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board on a proposed regulation designed to maximize the proper use of fish and wildlife resources.

The proposed regulation has the following provisions:

  • No person shall take game or furbearers and intentionally, knowingly, or negligently fail to retain for use a significant portion of the game or furbearers taken.
  • Sick or diseased animals may be left in place and shall be reported immediately to a Fish and Wildlife Biologist or State Game Warden.
  • Animals taken under the authority provided by Subchapter 4, Wild Animals Doing Damage, Chapter 113, Game, of Part 4 of Title 10, or under Section 35, Title 10 Appendix, Taking of moose doing damage, or under Fish and Wildlife Regulation #2000 on the Taking of Turkeys Doing Damage shall be governed by those specific provisions.