Vermont Fish and Wildlife Announces Youth Hunting Memories Contest

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The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department announces it is seeking submissions for the fifth annual Youth Hunting Memories Contest. Young hunters need only to submit a short essay, or artwork, describing his or her time in the field on a hunt.

The essay should describe why hunting is important to them and must include a story of one of their hunting experiences. Criteria that will be judged include ethics, landowner relations, appreciation of wildlife, respect for our hunting heritage, hunting skills, and family. Entrants are encouraged to send in their hunting photos along with their story.

Entries will be categorized by age; 9 years of age and under, 10-12 years of age and 13-16 years of age. One selected entry from each category will win a set of special prizes from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and Beagle Outdoor Wear. The winners will be announced on Saturday, January 21 at the Yankee Classic Sportsman’s Show in Essex Junction.

Submissions are property of the department and cannot be returned. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department reserves the right to publish photos and essays. Submissions must include the hunter’s first and last names, address, age, telephone number, and location of hunt.

The contest is open to Vermont hunters 16 and younger. Submissions must be received by December 31, 2011 by 4:30 pm. Email submissions to or mail to:

2011 Youth Hunting Memories Contest
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
103 South Main St., Bldg 10 South
Waterbury, VT 05671-0501


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Vermonters check this out

Hey Rem2Arms - check this out.  I'm going to forward a copy of this to the Vermonters I know....

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  An excellent way to have


An excellent way to have the youth hunters of Vermont showcase their hunt through this essay or artwork contest.  And to have one published would only add to the great adventure of the successful hunt.  My one son had his picture taken with his first deer and it was proudly displayed at the local check in station.  For years we would return and still find his picture proudly displayed among the other hunters who had success and pictures hung on the wall.  To have a published essay and/or artwork along with the youth's story would also be a priceless keepsake to continue the memory of their hunt.  Kudos to Vermont.  I would definitely like to see on once the contest is completed.


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Sounds like another great

Sounds like another great program for the youth hunters. I would also like to see what some of these kids have towrite about and what they actually win in the contest. We often never get or miss the follow up on these things. If you find it Sean I look forward to reading the post about it.

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I really like how Vermont

I really like how Vermont does this.  When I was home this weekend, I stopped by the local checkin station and checked out all the photos from the prior week's youth season.  Some really nice deer, and more importantly, no matter the size of the deer, the smiles were always nice and wide!

It would be cool to see the winning essays.  I will have to keep an eye out and post them when the come up.  Very neat.