Utah Hunting News

Utah Antlerless Permits Available June 1st
You can help Utah's big game animals and have a fun time in the outdoors this fall if you obtain a permit to hunt animals that don't have antlers.
Utah Approves Antlerless Big Game Changes
If they have a cow elk permit for the same area, all bull elk hunters—including rifle hunters—can take a cow elk during this fall's bull elk hunt.
Utah Offers Free Shooting Clinics
Does learning how to shoot a shotgun at a target that's sailing through the air sound like fun?
Utah Bear Cub Survival Good - 90% for Winter
Wildlife biologists found an encouraging sight when they visited a bear den near Vernal recently: The two bears that were just cubs the year before were alive and doing well.
Utah Increases Number of Big Game Permits
The number of permits offered for most of Utah's big game hunts has increased this year.
Utah Proposes Major Elk Hunting Changes
Two major elk hunting changes would happen if proposed updates to Utah's five-year Elk Management Plan are approved.
Utah Extends Deadline Due to Computer Problems
Good news, big game hunters: you have a few extra days to submit your application for a 2010 Utah big game permit.
Utah Antler Shed Hunters Need Certificate
If you enjoy gathering antlers that deer, elk and moose shed in the winter, one of your favorite times of the year is almost here.
Utah Releases Odds for Big Game Draws
The odds of drawing a Utah big game hunting permit in 2009 are now available in a Division of Wildlife Resources report.
Hunting License Sales Increased in 2009
In a year when one word, "fewer," described life in America -- fewer jobs, fewer home sales, fewer purchases -- hunters were responsible for generating a welcome "more" category, as hunting license sales rose by 3.5 percent in 2009 in states that make up NSSF's Hunting License Sales Index.