Utah Hunting News

Apply For a Cougar Hunting Permit in Utah

Cougar hunters may submit applications until October 12.

If you want to hunt cougars on a limited-entry unit in Utah, you need to get your application in soon.

Plenty of Bull Elk in Utah

Rifle hunts starts October 8 and a few permits still left.

If you're new to elk hunting, the big game coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources has some advice for you.

Interior Secretary Announces More than $20 Million for Wetlands Grants for Migratory Birds, More than $10 Million for Wildlife Refuge Acquisitions

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission (Commission) today approved spending more than $9 million from the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund to protect an estimated 5,550 acres of waterfowl habitat on five units of the National Wildlife Refuge System.  The Commission also approved $20.7 million in federal funding for grants to conserve nearly 100,000 acres of wetlands and associated habitats in 16 states through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).

Utah Upland Game Hunts for Young Hunters

This year's youth hunts take place on Sept. 17 and Oct. 15.

If you're 15 years of age or younger—and hunting birds sounds fun to you—this fall might be the perfect time to give it a try.

Utah Cougar Hunting Changes Approved

Mule deer and bighorn sheep in Utah are going to receive some added protection from cougars.

At their Aug. 18, 2011 meeting, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved some changes to Utah's cougar hunt. The 2011–2012 cougar hunting season begins Nov. 16, 2011. Here's how the season will run:

Utah Elk Hunting Permits Still Available

A few archery deer hunting permits are still available for hunters who are 18 years of age or younger.

All of the other permits to hunt buck deer in Utah this fall are gone. But you can still get a permit to hunt bull elk during this fall's general rifle or muzzleloader hunts. More than 23,000 bull elk rifle and muzzleloader permits are still available.

Utah Trapper Education Classes Offered

Utah's trapping seasons aren't that far away. For example, if the Utah Wildlife Board approves the date, permits to take bobcats will go on sale Oct. 3, 2011.

To ensure you don't miss any of Utah's trapping seasons, the Division of Wildlife Resources encourages you to take a furharvester education course now.

Utah Deer Study Leads to Proposed Cougar Hunt Changes

A deer study that's underway in Utah has provided two things—better information about the number of adult deer that are surviving from year to year and a chance to manage cougars in a way that should benefit deer the most.

Starting with the 2011–2012 cougar hunting season, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources would like to make the following changes:

Lock in Deer Unit For 3 Years With Dedicated Hunter Program

You can lock in the deer hunting unit you want to hunt in Utah for the next three years by joining the state's Dedicated Hunter program.

On June 9, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved some changes to the program. The changes are needed because, in 2012, hunters will no longer hunt in five large regions in Utah. Instead, they'll hunt in 30 smaller units.

Utah Officially Creates 30 Deer Hunt Units

Deer hunters, the wait is over. The number of smaller areas Utah's five general season regions will be split into for the 2012 season has been decided.