Utah Hunting News

Deer Hunters Nail Moose Poachers
Two deer hunters gave up their final evening of hunting to catch some moose poachers recently. The incident began when Steven Fitzwater and K.C. Carter of Orem heard a group of hunters shoot near their camp near Currant Creek, which is east of Strawberry Reservoir in north central Utah.
Learn About Bears Workshops
School teachers, scout leaders and anyone who teaches young people are invited to attend one of four Bear Educator's Workshops offered by the Division of Wildlife Resources in the Salt Lake Valley.
New Cougar Hunting Rules
It's likely that hunters will take fewer cougars during Utah's 2001 - 2002 cougar season. At its meeting Aug. 16 in Salt Lake City, the Utah Wildlife Board approved slight reductions in the number of hunters who may hunt on the state's limited entry hunt areas, and the number of cougars hunters may take on the state's harvest objective areas.
Archery Hunting and Safety Tips
By following a few, simple rules, Utah's archery hunters can enjoy a safe experience in the state's backcountry this season. The state's general archery buck deer hunt begins Aug. 18, while the state's general archery elk hunt kicks off Aug. 23.