Utah Hunting News

Utah's Deer Doing Well as Winter Winds Down

March and April are critical months

As they do every winter, biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources have been watching Utah's deer herds closely.

Wild Turkeys Have a New Home in Utah

Birds trapped in South Dakota, released near Moab

Seventy-two wild turkeys were released in southeastern Utah on Feb. 5.

Utah Hunters Don't Wait to Apply

Big game hunt applications due by March 1, 2012

Time is running out to get your application in to hunt big game animals in Utah this fall.

Attend a Deer Open House in Utah

Proposals that wildlife biologists will put together soon will affect the number of deer hunting permits that will be available in Utah this fall.

Watch Parts of the Utah Sky Turn White, Feb. 24–26

See as many as 20,000 snow geese at the annual Utah Snow Goose Festival

It's a sight you have to see to believe: thousands of pure white snow and Ross' geese lifting off Gunnison Bend Reservoir amid honks and the beating of wings.

Utah's Spring Snow Goose Hunt at Risk

Snow goose hunters confused about trespass law.

If they aren't careful, hunters might lose their chance to hunt snow geese in and near Delta in the spring.

Antler Gathering Course Now Online in Utah

Gathering antlers that drop off the heads of deer, elk and moose is an activity that's grown in popularity across the country, including here in Utah. The challenge with shed-antler gathering is that it happens during the worst time of the year for the animals and the habitat the animals rely on in the winter.

Web Page Helps Utah Deer Hunters

Switch to 30 hunting units leads to questions from hunters

Utah's five deer-hunting regions have been split into 30 smaller areas—called units—for the 2012 hunt.

Apply for Utah Bear Hunting Permit

February 2, 2012 is the first day to apply

If you like to hunt bears in Utah, two big changes await you this year.

New Ways to Hunt Black Bears in Utah

New plan provides hunters with new opportunities

Starting this spring, bear hunters will have opportunities they've never had before in Utah.