Unsold Antlerless Licenses Available August 25th

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Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross announced that the agency will begin accepting through the mail applications from hunters for the first round of unsold antlerless licenses Monday, Aug. 25. Hunters may apply for only one unsold license during this round, but may apply for a second unsold antlerless license beginning Sept. 8.

Forms and instructions for submitting applications for unsold licenses are available on page 54 of the 2003-2004 Pennsylvania Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations, which is provided to each license buyer. Additional "Official Antlerless Deer License Envelopes" may be obtained from most issuing agents (including county treasurers), Game Commission offices or by calling the Game Commission's License Division at 717-787-2084.

"Everyone is adjusting to the new antlerless deer license application process, which was made necessary by the change over to the new Wildlife Management Units system," Ross said. "However, many of the problems being encountered with this year's applications are the same as we've seen in the past. Before dropping your antlerless deer license envelope in the mail, hunters should take a moment to review the check-off list of items on the back of the envelope. By taking an extra minute, hunters could make a correction to their application that may otherwise cause it to be rejected."

Ross noted that many of the mistakes being made include: failure to circle how many applications are in the envelopes; failure to sign checks; failure to make checks payable to County Treasurer (checks are not to be made payable to the Game Commission); failure to complete the return address portion of the envelope, or failure to put postage on the return portion of the envelope.

"Hunters also need to make sure that they use the new yellow envelopes that were provided to them when they purchased their general hunting license," Ross said. "We printed 1.6 million of the new yellow envelopes to accommodate an antlerless deer license allocation of 973,000. However, some issuing agents are reporting that they have run out of their initial shipment. Arrangements are being made to re-supply issuing agents with more envelopes, as they notify the Game Commission of the need."

Ross also reminded hunters that regular updates about antlerless deer license availability are posted on the agency's website www.pgc.state.pa.us. Click on Deer License Update under the "Hot Topics" section on the homepage.

Of the 973,000 antlerless licenses originally allocated, 354,395 licenses remain. Following is a listing of the antlerless deer licenses remaining by Wildlife Management Unit as of 3:30 p.m. today, Aug. 21 (along with the initial allocation for each WMU): WMU 1A, 17,415 (44,000); WMU 1B, 4,680 (37,000); WMU 2A, 23,557 (45,000); WMU 2B, 37,804 (45,000); WMU 2C, 16,464 (65,000); WMU 2D; 15,023 (58,000); WMU 2E, 7,800 (29,000); WMU 2F, 406 (44,000); WMU 2G, 4,866 (52,000); WMU 3A, 5,493 (28,000); WMU 3B, 15,167 (45,000); WMU 3C, 10,496 (40,000); WMU 3D, 21,010 (50,000); WMU 4A, 7,698 (37,000); WMU 4B, 7,516 (38,000); WMU 4C, 13,935 (46,000); WMU 4D, 13,309 (58,000); WMU 4E, 13,929 (38,000); WMU 5A, 15,302 (28,000); WMU 5B, 35,175 (60,000); WMU 5C, 49,217 (66,000); and WMU 5D, 18,134 (20,000).

The timetable for remaining antlerless deer license applications is:

Beginning Monday, Aug. 25, the Game Commission will accept, only through the mail, applications for the first round of unsold antlerless licenses. Hunters may apply for and receive only one antlerless deer license during this first round in all WMUs, except for WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, where hunters may apply for multiple antlerless licenses.

Applying for and receiving more than one "unsold" antlerless license prior to Sept. 8 -except in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D - is against the law and carries a $100 fine. In addition, receiving a second "unsold" license during the first round automatically voids the first "unsold" license a hunter receives. Applicants may apply over-the-counter at county treasurers' offices in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D on Aug. 25.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 8, the Game Commission will accept, only through the mail, applications for the second round of unsold antlerless licenses. Hunters who applied for an unsold antlerless license during the first round may apply for and receive only one antlerless deer license during the second round. Those hunters who did not apply for an unsold license during the first round may make separate applications for and receive up to two unsold antlerless licenses during the second round. The separate applications may be submitted to one or two WMUs.

Regular antlerless licenses and first-round unsold licenses will be mailed by county treasurers to successful applicants no later than Monday, Sept. 15. Second-round unsold licenses will be mailed no later than Wednesday, Oct. 1.

Beginning Monday, Nov. 3, hunters may apply over-the-counter for unsold antlerless licenses in all WMUs.