Underwear Stew

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Just wanted to share a true, yet cute story I wrote in poetry form.

Underwear Stew

A young man

A city brand

Ventures his first game hunting trip

Along with old masters

Equipment at hand

He?s bound to become

A real hunting man

In the Rockies so cold

No southern Californian?s ever known

Dark night

Stars bright

Mystery abounds



Scattered night bird?s high pitched sounds

A fish out of water

A reality unknown

Ah! but the campfire

Doth warm the young man?s soul

Anticipation stirs

Of dawn?s unfold

Hands rub nervously

Upon clasped knees

Wonderful smells

Brake the spell

Stomachs gurgle and roll

A sumptuous feast brews

Rocky spice consommé

Permeates a mulligan stew

Behind the flickering fire light

Blithely the old cook

His face glowed

As he pulled spices from a steaming pot

Strained through a pair of underwear untold

"Eat up men

This should hit the spot"

Now the young man

A city brand

Didn?t quite understand

Like a fish out of water

A reality not his own

A hunter?s cause to improvise

When the cheesecloth's been left at home

So the story goes

Underwear stew became the reason

The young man is cook for next season

~~~~ The young man is my son. Hope you enjoy. Sincerely, Mary Olkowski