TWRA Online Survey

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Tennessee is one of the most bio-diverse states in the United States. Currently there are 315 species of fish, 77 mammals, 56 reptiles, 70 amphibians, 355 snails, 77 mussels and over 340 different birds known to inhabit or migrate through Tennessee. Traditionally, all these species have benefited from the management practices paid for by Tennessee hunters and anglers from the collection of federal excise taxes on outdoor equipment and state hunting and fishing license fees.

In 2001, recognition of the lack of conservation funding for non-game species led the United States Congress to pass the Wildlife Conservation and Reinvestment Act (WCRP). This act provides conservation funding for these non-game species through State Wildlife Grants (SWG). Tennessee is projected to receive approximately one million dollars for SWGs in 2005-2006.

To ensure that programs funded by SWGs maximize the benefits to these non-game species, Congress has mandated that all states must complete a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS) survey by October 1, 2005. This CWCS addresses the management needs of non-game species and their associated habitats.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is currently collecting feedback regarding the Tennessee Wildlife Conservation Strategy. If you would like to participate and take the survey, you may do so online here: Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy Information.