Two New Cases of CWD

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Efforts to sample and test 500 white-tailed-deer from western Dane and Eastern Iowa counties continued today with wildlife officials reporting they’ve received notification of two more positive cases from the testing laboratory. This brings the total of known CWD – diseased deer in the area to twelve.

With the help of area landowners, wildlife managers are now very close to finishing the job of collecting the 500 deer veterinary experts determined were needed to present an accurate picture of the extent of the disease in the surveillance area. The total number of deer collected by the CWD Sampling Operations Center early Friday morning was 471.

Wildlife health specialists are processing the tissue samples rapidly and sending them off to a laboratory in Ames IA for testing. A total of 272 samples have been tested.

The newest positive samples came from Sections 5 and 9 in the Town of Vermont about five miles northwest of Mt. Horeb. Landowners have provided most of the deer killed for testing.

More information can be found on the Chronic Wasting Disease page on the DNR Web site.