Two More Men Indicted in Kansas Deer Poaching Case

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Two Texas hunters have been indicted on federal poaching charges, according to U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom. Justin Klein, 29, of Center, Texas, was indicted on three counts of transporting deer across state lines after the deer were illegally taken in Kansas. Johnny Risinger, 43, of Mt. Enterprise, Texas, was indicted on one count of the same offense. The indictments allege the deer were taken in violation of Kansas hunting laws in 2005, 2006, and 2007 in Comanche County, Kansas.

Both men are charged under the Lacey Act, which is a federal law that makes it illegal to knowingly transport or sell in interstate commerce any wildlife taken or possessed in violation of state law or regulation.

The indictments are related to a federal investigation that led to the convictions of James Bobby Butler, Jr., and Marlin Jackson Butler on charges of conspiracy and interstate trafficking of game illegally taken in Kansas. James Butler was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison and Marlin Butler was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison.

If convicted, Risinger and Klein face maximum penalties of five years in federal prison and fines as much as $20,000 on each count.


deerhunter30's picture

It is nice to see that these

It is nice to see that these people are getting caught and dealt with.

Makes you wonder why they come to Kansas to do this?

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I am glad to see some states

I am glad to see some states really going after guys and making them pay for their crimes.  Hopefully thses to get to spend a good amount of time in jail and their pocketbooks will be alopt lighter.  I always hope that they have learned from there mistakes, but I think they just learn to hows not get caught the next time. 

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Good deal on this one. I

Good deal on this one. I never even thought about there being the possability of federal charges in somnething like this. I wonder why more violations are not handled this way? Maybe Kansas chose to allow that route? There have been many cases mentioned here like the Woming bull taken by an Oregon hunter illegally just last week in bjh journal. If more cases were handled like this it might just be the extra fear factor needed to put a stop to some of it.

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That'a boy, go federal on

That'a boy, go federal on them!!!! Federal time is always the better way to go.  If they had just filed poaching charges in Kansas, these guys probably would have only been looking at a couple of months and a fine.  But, by bringing them across state lines, they sealed their fate.

The other good thing about federal sentencing, is that unlike states, where they actually serve only a small portion of the sentence, anyone sentenced to federal time will serve 85-90%.  So, there is no getting out on parole after 2 months.

Nice to see them caught and convicted.  Kansas loves their whitetail, and is one of the premier destintaions in the country.  No doubt they would protect their money making item to the fullest!