Turkey Hunting News

Wild Turkey Season Opens April 10
Sportsmen all over the state are selecting their camouflage, honing their calls and staking out the wild turkey’s strutting grounds for the spring wild turkey season that opens this month.
Spring Gobbler Season Opens on April 26
Taylor, Chief of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Section. Wildlife Biologists expect this year's spring wild turkey harvest to be similar to last year's, with 10,000 to 13,500 birds being harvested during the upcoming season. The 2003 spring gobbler harvest was 12,535.
New Fall Turkey Season Approved
Increased opportunity for fall wild turkey and white-tailed antlerless deer in northeast Washington were among the hunting rules adopted by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission in Spokane April 3.
Reward for Turkey Poaching Information
In an effort to curtail illegal activities associated with wild turkey hunting in West Virginia, the Division of Natural Resources will once again cooperate with the West Virginia Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation's program to pay rewards to persons reporting poaching or other illegal practices relating to wild turkeys.
Wild Turkey Program Gets a Boost
Nevada’s wild turkey program recently received a major boost with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) releasing nearly 300 Merriam’s and Rio Grande turkeys that were provided to the state by Idaho and Texas.
First Ever Youth Turkey Hunt for 2004
New Hampshire will have its first-ever youth turkey hunting weekend this year on May 1 and 2, the weekend before the spring gobbler season gets underway. As during the spring gobbler season, hunting hours are only in the morning -- one-half hour before sunrise to noon.
Conditions Prime for Outstanding Spring Turkey Season
Wildflowers are blooming against a backdrop of bright green — signs of spring. But, it's the sounds of spring that stir the hunter; like the bellowing of a mature gobbler responding to a hen's invitation.
Plenty of Spring Turkey Hunting Permits Available
Hunters still have time to purchase their 2004 Nebraska spring turkey hunting permits before the season opens. Hunters accustomed to applying for permits in the old “East Unit” should check their 2004 spring turkey hunting unit map carefully to determine if new unit boundaries will affect which permit they obtain.
Turkey Hunting Seminar
Colorado’s 2004 Spring Turkey Season is approaching and the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is putting on a turkey-hunting seminar to help hunters learn more about turkeys.
Turkey Numbers Across the State Are Up - Way Up
For turkey hunters, this is the best time of the year. Hints of green are beginning to appear across the state promising that the harsh winter season is just about over and that the spring turkey season will soon begin.