Trappers Reminded of March 15 River Otter Season Closure

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) reminds trappers of the March 15 season closure for river otter in the Clearwater Region and requirements for reporting their catch.

Trappers must present the pelt and entire skinned carcass, including the head and tail, to IDFG at the regional office in the region in which the animal was taken within 48 hours following the closure. Trappers will be allowed to keep otters taken within this 48-hour period provided their personal quota of two has not been filled.

Following this deadline, any incidentally taken otter must be surrendered to Fish and Game for a $5.00 reward.

Trappers can keep the pelt after a harvest report is completed and pelt tag is attached. Data from the carcass will be used in the Department's efforts to obtain federal approval for CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) Treaty pelt tags.

A fee of $2.00 will be charged for each pelt, and an additional $1.50 vendor fee will be charged to each license holder.