Tips From Vermont F&W for Hunting Mentors

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Tips from Vt F&W for Hunting Mentors

A youngster’s first deer hunt can mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a commitment to wildlife conservation. To make the most of the upcoming Youth Deer Weekend, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department offers these tips to mentors:

•       Hunt Safe. No matter what the age of participants, hunting is one the safest outdoor activities. Youth hunters are some of the safest hunters when accompanied by an alert mentor.
•       Hunt Smart. Scouting and range practice are necessary and exciting ingredients to any successful hunt.
•       Model Behavior. Safe and responsible hunters are mentored by safe and responsible hunters.
•       Go often. Lifelong hunting participation is directly related to the amount of time spent hunting in youth, especially when these experiences occur in a family or mentor setting.
•       Respect the Intent: The youth deer weekend hunt on November 5 and 6 is for the youth, not you. Legally, you must leave your firearm at home, and the youth must harvest the animal.

       Most Importantly

•       Have Fun! Being with family and friends and generally having a good time is more important to youth hunters than bagging game. Don’t push them. Young hunters need positive reinforcement

For more information, check out the Department’s Youth Hunting Page:


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Yep, Vermont has done a very

Yep, Vermont has done a very nice job over the years with the youth hunts.  It may seem like a very liberal state politically, but socially, it's very conservative.  Hunting is ingrained in our every day life up there.  In a state with a population of around 550,000, they sell almost 100,000 licenses.  I know many families who all hunt. Another good thing is that I believe they can shoot any deer, even spikes, and don't need to be bothered with the antler restrictions.  And we all know how I feel about those... lol

I actually have a few photos in my gallery of Vermont youth deer.  Hopefully a couple more of our family friends will be successful next weekend, and I will throw up their photos too.  As long as they don't mess up my hunt for the following weekend, it's a good thing... Wink

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  Definitely great tips for


Definitely great tips for the Vermont youth and parent hunts.  Any youth hunt program in any state is a good  thing for the conitnuation of hunting within the family and for the state.

I personally feel that having the youth hunts in advance of the regular season are a great way of getting the youth out in a less pressured situation... and because it is prior to the regular season the parent is focused on the youth's hunt and not their own.  Now that doesn't mean it can't also be done during regular season - it just allows more easily a focus.

I also personally feel that the youth should go through some type of hunter safety training - all youth classes are ideal for this situation.  It is best that they have a standardized professional training on specific areas relating to hunting safety prior to going out into the woods or fields.

Good Job Vermont and all other states with youth hunt programs and their safety focus.


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These are good tips. They

These are good tips. They rules kind of sound like our mentored youth program. It allows kids 9-13 to hunt without a hunters safety certificate and without a license. They actually use the adults tag and it counts towards the adults bag limit. I'm going to do this program with my daughter next year and we are both very excited for it. As the adults though we need to remember that the hunt is for the kid and not for us. We are there to mentore and teach the kids how to hunt and be safe. Programs like these I think are critical to help recruit kids into the sport of hunting. I think what Vermont is doing is a great thing and I think more states need to look at Vermont and Oregon and see what we are doing to help better the future of our sport. Keep up the good work and Good luck to all the kids who will be out there hunting during the youth weekend.