'TIP' Off Georgia DNR to Crimes and Make Poachers Pay

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Saturday, Oct. 22, the opening day of firearms season for deer hunting, also is Turn In Poachers (TIP) Day in Georgia, according to a proclamation signed by Gov. Nathan Deal.

TIP, Inc., is a non-profit organization protecting wildlife from poachers by increasing public support for conservation rangers with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. 

According to the proclamation, “the ownership of all wildlife is by the state of Georgia. It is held in trust for all Georgians to enjoy. A poacher is one who takes wildlife illegally thereby depriving other citizens of our state’s natural resources.” 

Hunters should call or e-mail the TIP hotline upon witnessing a poaching violation. All information acquired through the TIP hotline is forwarded to a Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division conservation ranger for further investigation. If information leads to an arrest, TIP pays a reward to the caller. Callers also may choose to remain anonymous. 

Callers should try to obtain the following information: the type of violation, a description of the violator, description of the violator’s vehicle, and the date, time and location of the violation. 

Common poaching violations include, hunting during illegal hours, hunting from a public road, taking over the bag limit, hunting or fishing in unauthorized areas, killing deer illegally, buying or selling wildlife, killing or being in possession of nongame or endangered species and stocking wildlife. 

The public can reach the TIP hotline by dialing 1-800-241-4113, by dialing *DNR on a cell phone, or by sending an email to TurnInPoachers@dnr.state.ga.us

For more information, visit www.georgiawildlife.com (select the TIP logo on the bottom of the home page), contact a local Wildlife Resources Division Law Enforcement office or call 770-918-6414.


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  By far there are more


By far there are more ethical and law-abiding hunters in the fields than poachers.  The TIP program is a great way to continue to decrease the amount of criminals that make it harder for us to enjoy the sport of hunting. 

I have no issue with turning in a poacher that I observe doing something against the regulations.  If I were to not do something I would be just as guilty of allowing it to occur and the individual to get away with it.  I deliver ethics and law abiding messages to my newby hunter and ensure they have the same understanding and obligation.

Kudos to Georgia and all of the states and organizations involved with TIP and other such means to stop poachers.


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Good deal

Glad I found this news article.  Totally agree we need to help out when we see violaters.  Outstanding that this is a non profit organization.  Like the incentive for reward if tip leads to a prosecution.  Personally, I would just donate it back.  I just programed the 800 number in my phone.  Heck last year I saw three different incedents where i suspected someone of hunting without a license.  Hunting wood ducks on our hunting lease when they were not a member during deer season.  I wanted to hunt ducks too but was waiting for deer season to end out of respect.  Never did catch the guy's license plate. 

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The TIP prgram ha sworked

The TIP prgram ha sworked pretty well ove rthe years. This is just a good reminder to hunters about the resources we have to report poaching. I know here in my state it has helped police to catch some poachers that would have probably gotten away with the crime. With all of the recent news of all the poachers out there doing what they do. We as hunters need to keep our eyes open and if we see something we need to report it. Most poaching crime go un noticed and the criminals get away with it just because of where the crimes take place. Police need our help and our eyes out there. Good luck to all the other hunter and be safe.