Time to Apply for Hunter Management Area Permission

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Hunting seasons are a few weeks off, but the season for obtaining access in the Game and Fish Department’s Private Lands/Public Wildlife program is underway.

Hunters can start the process of securing permission for one of the G&F’s 23 hunter management areas, which are a ranch or group of ranches leased by the G&F for public access. The other facet of the PL/PW program – walk-in areas – do not require a permission slip.

Matt Buhler, the G&F’s access coordinator, reports HMA permission can be obtained for unlimited and limited first-come first-served – or in the case of six areas where a drawing will be held applied for – through the Internet. Hunters should log on the G&F’s Web site at and complete the step-by-step process to access some of the nearly 600,000 private land acres available.

Buhler recognizes that not all hunters have computers, so the G&F will continue issue permission slips by mail and in person, as well as enter hunters into the drawing through the Casper office.

This year the G&F has 17 unlimited permission HMAs. As many hunters who have the proper license for the hunt area can get a permission slip.

There are seven HMAs where the limited number of permission slips are issued first-come, first-served. Permission slips will be issued until the limit is reached.

This is the first year for permission slips to be issued by drawing for some HMAs. The application period for the Monolith Ranch HMA (antelope) west of Laramie and the new Lone Tree Creek HMA (deer and antelope) west of Cheyenne is July 15 – Aug. 4. The drawing is scheduled for Aug. 6 and results released Aug. 9.

Hunters interested in the new Coyote Creek (deer only near Evanston) and PK Lane (elk near Sheridan) HMAs and the Deer Creek near Glenrock and Medicine Butte (deer only) near Evanston HMAs should apply by Aug. 18. The G&F hopes to conduct the drawing Aug. 20 and have the results available Aug. 23.

Buhler says if hunters applied for their licenses as a party they can also apply for HMA permission slips as a party. All HMA applications require vehicle information, including make, model and license number.

If not using the Internet for HMA permission, hunters should mail a photocopy of their license, along with vehicle information, the HMA applied for and an addressed, postage-paid envelope so the permission slip and associated materials can be returned to: WGFD PL/PW Office, 3030 Energy Lane, Suite 100, Casper, WY 82604. A postage table is posted on the G&F Web site or interested hunters can contact the PL/PW office at (800) 233-8544.

Buhler alerts hunters mailing their permission applications that notification will take longer compared to Internet applications.

This is the sixth year HMAs have been available to Wyoming hunters. “The program keeps evolving with more acreage added yearly and adaptations to better serve hunters and the landowners providing the access,” Buhler said.

Last year, 5,714 HMA permission slips were issued to hunters Wyoming. Access Yes donations made by hunters and anglers when applying for or buying licenses help fund the HMA program. In fiscal year 2003, hunters and anglers donated $131,643.