Three Recent Rule Changes Affect Hunters

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Hunters preparing for fall big game seasons need to be aware of three new rules that were recently changed and are not included in the 2003 Oregon Big Game Regulations.

Hunters seeking more information about the new rules are encouraged to contact their nearest ODFW district or field office before heading out.

*Possession of firearms:
As a result of a recent legal review, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission rescinded all administrative rules that restrict the possession of firearms during certain hunting seasons. However, hunters must follow existing rules that govern the type of weapon used to hunt big game, game birds or furbearers. For example, it remains a violation to hunt bear with a centerfire or muzzleloading rifle without a valid unused deer or elk tag during many deer and elk seasons as listed on page 13 of the 2003 Oregon Big Game Regulations.

More information on the rules governing the possession of firearms may be found on the ODFW Web site on the Wildlife Main Page at

Rules adopted earlier this year provide resident hunters the option of following either the old rules from 2002 requiring the scalp with the eyes and antlers attached, or new rules, described in the 2003 Oregon Big Game Regulations, where either the head or reproductive organs must remain attached. Hunters leaving Oregon with game meat must follow both Oregon’s rules and the rules of the state where the animal was taken.

*Import of game meat:
A new permanent rule aims to prevent the importation of chronic wasting disease to Oregon. Hunters bringing deer or elk meat back from states with CWD cannot import any portion of the head or spinal column of unless it has been cleaned of all meat and brain tissue. Allowed carcass parts include: cut and wrapped meat, quarters or other portions without the spinal column or head, boned out meat, hides and/or capes without head, skull plates with antlers attached and no tissue attached, upper canine teeth and finished taxidermy heads. Hunters leaving Oregon with deer or elk meat must follow both Oregon’s rules and the rules of the state where the animal was taken.