Three Plead to Fish and Wildlife Violations

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Three Northeast Kingdom individuals pled on February 3 in Caledonia County District Court to Fish and Wildlife and drug charges brought about after an investigation last summer that uncovered dozens of fish and wildlife violations that had occurred over the past four years.

The charges were filed after state game wardens documented violations found on videotapes that were seized from the Carl and Tricia Sanborn residence in Danville during a search warrant executed there. The tapes showed numerous violations that had occurred between 1999 and 2003. Six people were charged in connection with these violations.

Brian Sanborn, 33, of West Burke, brother to Carl Sanborn, pleaded no contest to a single count of taking deer in closed season and two counts of possession of big game. These violations occurred in 2000, 2001, and 2003. The big game possession charges resulted from his involvement in the illegal taking of two bears over a baited area. Brian Sanborn received a sentence of three to six months. He will be required to serve 45 days in jail. He was also fined $1063.00, which can be suspended after 80 hours of community service.

John Rochefort, 43, and Diane Rochefort, 56, both of Lyndonville, also pleaded no contest to charges brought about after a search warrant executed at their Lyndonville residence turned up a significant amount of marijuana. The search was conducted as part of the same investigation where John Rochefort was seen on video tape shooting at a flock of geese in closed season and participating in shooting at wild game from the road and from a motor vehicle. John Rochefort pleaded no contest to shooting from the road, taking geese in closed season, and possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to three to six months on probation and given a fine of $1000.00, which may be suspended after 120 hours of community service. Diane Rochefort was fined a total of $146.00 for her plea of no contest to the charge of possession of marijuana.

Charges are still pending on three more individuals. Carl Sanborn, 34, of Danville, is facing sixteen counts. His wife, Tricia Sanborn, 33, also of Danville, is facing one count. Danny Emerson, 28, of Groton, is also facing one count.