Third Elk Hunt Set to Get Underway in Tennessee

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The third-ever managed elk hunt in Tennessee is scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 17 and will continue through Friday, Oct. 21 as five persons will be seeking a trophy at the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.

Four persons, all Tennessee residents, were selected in a computer drawing from 6,840 applicants for this year’s hunt. The participants drawn for this year’s hunt  are Richard R. Rutherford of Walland, Terrell S. Holt of Columbia, John Mark Alston of Knoxville, and Jody A. Moore of Loudon.
The fifth participant is LaVergne resident Arthur Moreland. He was the high bidder in online auction for the final permit. The final permit was donated to a Non-Governmental Organization, which this year was the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation. The TWRF auctioned the final permit with proceeds from the auction going to the elk restoration program.
For the hunt, the North Cumberland WMA is being divided into five elk hunting zones, each about 8,000 acres. The division helps ensure the harvest is spread over the entire core of the elk zone. Each hunter will be assigned a zone through a random hand-held drawing.
All five participants harvested an elk in the inaugural hunt in 2009. Three of the participants had harvests in last year’s hunt.
Studies have proven that the elk herd is seeing an annual growth rate of 13-15 percent. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has worked to make habitat improvements at North Cumberland WMA to aid the elk in adapting to their new home since the first arrival of 50 animals in December 2000, the first elk to be in Tennessee since they were reported in Obion County in 1865.


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  See the Tennessee article


See the Tennessee article dated 10/28/2011.  Here is what I provided...

Okay first I had read about Oklahoma Elk results... and I didn't know Oklahoma even had an elk population... and now Tennessee. I never knew there was an elk population there either. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency their state's herd population is now over 300 animals. That is fantastic! At a 15% growth rate they will have themselves a nice herd within another 10 years.

The way the tag system works is they put up 4 of the 5 tags for a draw system where all tags are for bulls only - no cows. The 5th tag is donated to a Non-Governmental Organization, this year the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF) is going to help raise funds for Tennessee’s elk program. The tag was put on e-bay and was bid on. I cannot readily find how much the tag sold for.

The draw system is the luck of the draw - no preference points. If you win a draw you cannot re-enter the draw system for a period of 10 years. Only 25% (or 1 tag for the past three years) is possible for an out-of-state or non-resident hunter.

11 total bulls have been harvested in the past three years - 5 the 1st year and three each of 2010 and this year.

So great job to TWRA in managing your state's elk herd and congrats to the three hunters who were able to harvest three nice bulls!

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Wow! Talk  about some steep

Wow! Talk  about some steep odds on drawning an elk tag. It's great to hear another great sucess story like Tennessee elk. I remember reading a couple years ago about the reintroduction of elk and how the numbers were doing great and elk hunts where going on. I bet The people who drew the tags will have a great time and have those memories for the rest of their lifes. I'm glad the elk herd is doing good enough to support the hunts that have been going on. I don't remeber the exact population but It's good enough for this. I hope that everyone with a tag will harvest the elk of their dreams and have fun doing it. I know there are few from TN here on the forum, I wounder if anyone here drew a tag. I think we would have heard from them if they did. I also hope the reintroduction of elk in other states in the past few years will result in the same sucess and will be holding hunts some. There is nothing like elk hunting and everyone should experience it atleast once in their life.

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Great success story here and

Great success story here and reall exciting for those guys getting to go on the hunt itself. Realy long odds so I bet they were surprised when they got the notice that they had drawn the tag. I was surprised that only three hunters were able to fill the tags last year after everybody did the year before. ausually these hunts have a really high success rate.

I wonder how much the high bidder actually paid for his tag?