Texas Hunting News

Get Your Deer Scored
On Jan. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) and hunting retailers throughout the state will be hosting "Get-Your-Deer-Scored Day". Any hunter who has harvested a white-tailed deer, mule deer, or pronghorn antelope during the 2001-2002 hunting season is eligible to bring the antlers to the selected store and have them scored by a certified TBGA scorer.
Grand Jury Indicts 10 in Antelope Slaughter
A Dallam County grand jury has returned felony indictments on 10 individuals who allegedly participated in the killing of about two-dozen antelope last December in the Texas Panhandle. The slaughter was the single largest illegal killing of game in Texas in many years and could be the single largest illegal killing of antelope within the United States ever recorded. The indictments were handed down as a result of an intensive investigation lasting almost a year to the day after the discovery of roughly 24 dead antelope on grassland pasture west of Kerrick, Texas.
Desert Bighorns on the Rise
The Texas Park and Wildlife has posted an article detailing the recovery efforts of the Desert Bighorns of remote western Texas. The article notes that today's population of bighorns has recovered to the levels of 1905 after the last native animals were seen in the 1960's. The populations were recovered after reintroduction efforts from Mexico and other U.S. states between 1971 and 1997. Want to see a Desert Bighorn? Check out The Texas Bighorn Society web site.
Big Game Awards Honor Texas Hunting Heritage
The rewards of hunting may be self-apparent, but the recognition of the role it plays in Texas often goes unnoticed.
Big Time Texas Hunts Winners Announced
Thirty-six winners have been drawn for premium hunt packages in this year's Big Time Texas Hunts (BTTH). As of the Nov. 4 deadline, Texas Parks and Wildlife received some 82,486 entries for a total of $824,860 in sales. Proceeds from BTTH are earmarked to provide additional public hunting opportunities and wildlife conservation activities in Texas. The web site lists winners by the BTTH drawing type
Academy To Host Big Game Awards Deer Scoring Day
Any hunter who has harvested a white-tailed deer, mule deer, or pronghorn antelope during the current (2001-2002) hunting season can get the antlers scored by a certified Texas Big Game Awards scorer at selected Academy Sports and Outdoors on Dec. 15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Big Bend Ranch Will Host Desert Survival Workshops
West Texas guide and naturalist David Alloway returns again this fall to the rugged high-country desert of Big Bend Ranch State Park to lead two weekend desert survival workshops.
Poachers Draw Stiff Sentences Under New Law
The Texas Parks and Wildlife has posted an article explaining the increased poaching penalties that were passed in 1999. Under these new penalties it is possible to receive a felony conviction, 2-10 years of jail time for repeat offenders, and suspension of hunting rights for multiple years. As the article states "some poachers are getting a severe kick in the pants".
Biologists Forecast Hunting Prospects
Timely rainfall coupled with adequate habitat conditions earlier this year should make for above-average hunting across much of Texas this fall, state wildlife biologists are predicting.