Texas Hunting News

TPWD Lifts Deer Importation Ban
Confident that sufficient safeguards are in place to minimize the risk of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) entering the state, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission voted here Thursday, Nov. 7, to rescind its eight-month-long ban on the importation of white-tailed deer. The board also adopted new rules to ensure adequate monitoring and testing for CWD among deer prior to permitting any intrastate movement under the Trap, Transport and Transplant program.
Outlook Bright for Upcoming Deer Hunting Season
"Generally speaking, body conditions on deer should be good as a result of above-normal summer rains," said Clayton Wolf, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department white-tailed deer program leader. "Rains probably did not have as big an impact on antler growth, since much of the antler material was already 'on the head' when the rains came. The exception would be the northern part of Texas, where springtime conditions were more favorable."
Public Drawings for Bighorn Sheep Hunts
A centerpiece of this year's slate of special drawings for public hunts by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is the offering of guided hunts for desert bighorn sheep. This is the first year that the public hunt special drawings have offered bighorn sheep hunts.
New License Log Deer Hunting Requirements
As you come upon that freshly killed buck this fall, the adrenaline still flowing, something as simple as filling out a deer tag can become quite confusing. At least, that's what Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens have observed in the past.
Biologists Optimistic About Hunting Season
Thanks to a diverse landscape and abundant natural resources, even an average hunting season by Texas standards would be considered exceptional in most other states. Based on recent field census, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologists are suggesting the following general outlook for each of the state's eight ecological regions during the upcoming 2002-03 Texas hunting seasons.
New License System Holds Up
On the Saturday preceding the opening day of dove hunting season, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was issuing licenses at a rate of nearly one-and-a-half per second. And, for the first time since the state moved to an electronic licensing system back in 1996, John Wilson didn't spend his Labor Day weekend troubleshooting system failures.
West Nile Virus and Hunters
Even though catching the West Nile Virus while hunting is a very remote prospect, making plans for the upcoming game bird hunting seasons should include precautionary measures. West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne disease that can cause encephalitis in people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Birds are the natural hosts for this virus, which can be transmitted from infected birds to humans and other animals through bites of infected mosquitoes.
Beat the Rush, Buy Your Licenses Early
When it comes to renewing your hunting and fishing licenses, which expire Aug. 31, "waiting until you need 'em" may not be the way to go. With dove hunting season opening Sept. 1 in most of the state, outdoor enthusiasts will be flocking to license outlets at the last minute and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is encouraging customers to buy early and avoid the rush.
Licenses Going on Sale
New hunting and fishing licenses for 2002-03 will be available beginning Aug. 15, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is urging customers to buy early and avoid the Labor Day Weekend rush. All current annual hunting and fishing licenses expire on Aug. 31. Texas issues 3.2 million hunting and fishing licenses annually through 28 TPWD field offices, more than 100 state parks and at most sporting good retailers across Texas.
State Parks Reopening After Floods
Operations are resuming at more than a dozen state parks in south, central and north Texas that were affected by torrential rains surrounding the traditionally busy July 4th holiday period. Officials continue to urge visitors to phone ahead or check the Internet for the latest news on state parks affected by floods.