Texas Hunting News

TPWD Proposes Increasing Hunting, Fishing, Boat Fees
Faced with increasing demand for services and increasing costs, the Finance Committee of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has authorized publishing in the Texas Register a proposal to increase selected hunting and fishing licenses and boat registration and titling fees by approximately 20 percent.
Conditions Right for Prime Spring Turkey Season
Phenomenal! Where hunting forecasts are concerned, you can't get much better for Texas turkey hunting this spring, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Public Meetings Set on Hunting, Fishing Proposals
The public is invited to comment on a slate of proposed changes to the state's hunting and fishing regulations during an upcoming series of open meetings around the state.
Ill Deer and Cows Being Evaluated
Three cows and two captive deer on three premises in Cherokee County, Texas, are being held under movement restriction by the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), pending evaluation and diagnosis of the animals' illness, signs of which have been reported to include swollen tongues and heads and stiff necks. "Debris from the Columbia space shuttle was found on the captive deer premise, and we want to learn if the animal might have licked it or come into close contact with a chemical residue from the pieces. According to official reports, more than 600 pieces of debris have been found in Cherokee County, and we don't know if there is a link between the animals' illness and the shuttle debris," said Dr. James Lenarduzzi, acting executive director for the TAHC.
42 State Parks Identified for Public Hunts
Public hunts have been held on Texas state parks annually since 1971, providing affordable quality hunting experiences for thousands of sportsmen. This year, state wildlife officials plan to recommend public hunts during the 2003-04 hunting season at 42 state parks.
Hunting and Fishing Regulation Changes Proposed
Several changes related to deer management practices are being proposed in Texas, such as expanding the Managed Lands Deer permit system to include the issuance of permits for mule deer. Specifics of this proposal are still being determined. The agency is also looking at altering wildlife management plan components to replace 'deer census data' with 'deer population data,' which would allow consideration of such habitat indicators as browse surveys and body condition.
Late Season, Youth-Only Deer Hunting Clarified
The general deer season ended Jan. 5 in all areas except South Texas, which draws to a close Jan. 19. But, there are several "late season" opportunities for hunting antlerless or spike buck deer that are available Jan. 6-19 in 25 counties in the Edwards Plateau and Jan. 20-Feb. 3 in 30 South Texas counties. Muzzleloader-only hunting for does and spikes is offered Jan. 11-19 in an additional 19 counties.
Game Wardens Bust Poachers
Five people were apprehended last week for hunting deer and a bobcat from a public roadway. A 17-hour investigation resulted in the apprehension of the five for various charges yielding illegal game; three whole deer, two quartered deer and one bobcat. Multiple firearms and spotlights were seized and other evidence collected.
Experimental Antler Regulation Results Encouraging
A unique set of experimental regulations governing the harvest of buck deer in a six-county area of the Post Oak Savannah ecological region appears to be having the desired affect, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department field reports.
Tragic Death Underscores Importance of Hunter Safety
The 24-year-old hunter from Shelby County couldn't believe his luck. He was deer hunting on private land near Shelbyville one late afternoon recently when a doe walked out of the brush. He made the kill. Then, moments later and right near sunset, a buck walked out of the same area. He was amazed. He got the buck.