Texas Hunting News

Commission Changes Civil Restitution Values
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has amended the restitution or penalty values that game law violators must pay when they illegally kill wildlife, in some cases increasing restitution values that have not changed since 1985.
License Authorization Number Valid for Deer Hunting
In a rule change adopted by the Commission at its Aug. 26 public meeting, hunters who buy their license online or over the phone can hunt deer on properties where permits are required, such as the Managed Lands Deer Permits, Landowner Assisted Management Permits or in the agency's special drawing hunts on public lands.
Olympian To Train Teachers in Archery
Texas teachers will have an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s elite archers, former Olympic gold medalist Rod White, and pass those skills on to their students as part of a new National Archery in Schools program.
New Hunting and Fishing License Packages
New hunting and fishing licenses for 2004-05 will be available beginning Aug. 15, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is reminding customers to be aware of some significant changes. All current annual hunting and fishing licenses expire on Tuesday, Aug. 31.
Time To Apply for Drawings on Public Hunting Lands
During the upcoming hunting seasons, more than 6,000 hunters will be selected through random computer drawings allowing access to some of the state’s high-quality managed wildlife habitat.
TPWD Proposes Increasing Civil Restitution Values
For the first time since 1985 for most wildlife species, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is proposing increasing civil restitution values that violators are assessed when they illegally kill wildlife. Kris Bishop, Assistant Chief of Fisheries Enforcement, recently briefed the TPWD Commission on proposed amendments to Texas Administrative Code.
Commission Approves Public Hunting at 44 State Parks
One-third of the sites in the Texas state parks system will offer public hunting opportunities for the 2004-05 hunting season. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its May 27 public meeting approved the 44 sites.
New State Record Bighorn Shows Conservation Success
In just six years, Texas' desert bighorn sheep population has doubled in size to about 600 animals, surpassing historic numbers from the early 1900s. This successful conservation initiative is also paying dividends for those who've paid to make it happen.
Operation Game Thief Fundraiser Set for June 12
Since 1981, the Texas conservation Crimestoppers program Operation Game Thief has protected fish and wildlife, helping to keep Texas hunting and fishing among the best in the world. Now, those who love the outdoor life have a chance to support the program and have a great time to boot.
Teens Use Hunter Education Skills to Help Save Man's Life
Hunting accidents are relatively few nowadays, thanks mainly to safety skills gained from hunter education. Last year there were only 44 hunting-related mishaps in Texas among a hunting population of more than one million, and a majority of those incidents could be considered minor. Some were not.