Texas PWD Setting Up Voluntary Trans Pecos Mule Deer Check Stations

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologists are asking hunters and landowners to bring their harvested mule deer to one of the six voluntary mule deer check stations in the Trans-Pecos region Dec. 3-4 and Dec. 10-11. Voluntary check stations will be set up during the two weekends in Culberson, Midland, Pecos, Terrell and Brewster counties.

Data collected at these check stations is used to monitor harvest intensity, herd condition and age structure and to develop revisions in regulations. TPWD biologists annually collect mule deer harvest data by management compartment, which include age by tooth wear and replacement, antler measurements and field-dressed weights.

“In an effort to improve data, increase our knowledge of harvest intensity on a broader scale, and enhance efficiency, we will be operating voluntary check stations for the 2011 hunting season in five counties,” said Shawn Gray, TPWD mule deer program coordinator. “These check stations will be located in areas where hunters can conveniently get their harvested mule deer aged, weighed, and measured [for bucks].”

In the Trans-Pecos, more than 14,000 harvested mule deer bucks have been checked since 1980, averaging more than 500 deer annually. In addition, data is also collected from a limited number of harvested does.

“This information is essential in monitoring mule deer populations and making future regulation decisions,” Gray explained. “The success of the check stations will be in large part because of the cooperation of hunters and landowners. TPWD encourages all hunters and landowners hunting these dates to bring their harvested mule deer by a check station this hunting season.”

All voluntary check stations will be open from 9am – 5pm on Dec. 3-4 and Dec. 10-11. Voluntary check stations will be located at these locations:

  • Van Horn, Culberson County, Van Horn Convention Center – 1801 West Broadway
  • Midland, Midland County, Naturally Fresh (Deer Processor) – 1501 Elwyn, Midland, TX 79701
  • Bakersfield, Pecos County, Chevron Station – south of I-10 (Exit 294)
  • Sanderson, Terrell County, Slim’s Auto Repair – intersection of HWY 90 and 285
  • Alpine, Brewster County, Hip-O Taxidermy – east side of town on HWY 90, across from Dairy Queen Restaurant



Retired2hunt's picture

  There are texas ranches


There are texas ranches that offer both whitetail and mule deer hunts.  In looking at the seasons for both species some of their season dates do coincide depending on the county hunted.  So I would think yes you could set up your hunt so that you can hunt both whitetails and mule deer at the same time.

Now as far as the check stations for gathering data - I think it is a great idea that Texas parks and wildlife are doing this on a volunteer basis.  I think they would gather more information if they kept the check station open past 5pm as many hunters don't make it out immediately after harvest.  They also would collect more data if they had these check stations open for more than 4 days out of the season.  The season starts November 25th and goes all the way to the 11th so their focus really is on the weekend hunters.  I guess economics plays a role in their decision.

Anyhow - great that they are using the data for future regulations, herd population, etc....


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I've said it before that I'm

I've said it before that I'm not a fan of the check stations but atleast they made them valuntary. I would probably take my deer in to be checked in this case. Texas doesn't have a ton of mule deer soI would do my part to help officals with growth of the mule deer herd. Wade is right with the whitetails getting all the pub when it comes to deer in texas. I have hunted the 3 major deer spieces and by far mule deer is the funnest, blacktails are the hardest and whitetails are the most predicable. Does anyone know if you can harvest both mule deer and whitetail on the same hunt in Texas? I would like to go there to hunt and I think it would be fun to get a chance at both types of deer at the same time.

hunter25's picture

I can see where they would

I can see where they would want as much information as possible as up until last year I didn't even know Texas had mule deer. Makes sense I know but the whitetail get all the press. There are a bunch of muleys where we will be hunting but the whitetail are what I'm after and the mulie season doesn't open for quite awhile till after we get started.