Texas Family Archery Clinic

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Whether you're a novice looking for an introduction to archery or an experienced bow-shooter who wants to improve your skills, an upcoming clinic sponsored by Foxy Huntress is just the place for the entire family to learn from the best. The June 20 archery clinic will take place at the Texins Archery Club facilities in Dallas, Texas.

All equipment and supplies will be furnished, so women, men, and children can try archery for the first time and learn some basics without investing in gear. Experienced archers can bring their own equipment and receive hands-on shooting instruction to improve their skills. Beginning and experienced shooters will be divided into separate groups so everyone will gain the most from this fun outdoor experience.

Women's five-time World Champion 3D archer Joella Bates will be on hand to instruct. "If you think you might like to try archery, I encourage you to come let us show you the basics, so your first archery experiences will be positive ones," said Joella. "We will have equipment that you can learn to shoot without making a big investment in gear that may not fit your needs."

For those more experienced shooters, Joella will cover such topics as shot execution, shot routine, equipment selection, judging distance, dealing with the rush of adrenaline, and other questions or problem areas of the students.

Joella, who is not only a champion archer but also a world-class bowhunter, says buying more gear is no substitute for professional instruction. "People can spend a lot of money on equipment without seeing an improvement in their bow-shooting skills," she says. "I found out very early on that the money I spent on good instruction gave me near immediate and long-term improvement in my shooting skills. At the Foxy Huntress archery clinic, I will share the knowledge I have acquired from great instructors and years of personal experience to help you become a better archer and/or bowhunter."

The June 20 clinic will run from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., with an on-site smoked BBQ lunch provided. Other activities through the fun-filled day outdoors include 4-wheeler riding and music by Kevin Blake Weldon.

Cost for the event is $65, which includes equipment use, targets, personal instruction, a Foxy Huntress shooting shirt, lunch, and other activities. A portion of the cost will be donated to the Dallas Safari Club Youth Program to help kids get the most out of outdoor experiences.

The site of the archery clinic, Texins Archery Club, is located in Dallas at 8880 Restland Road, at the southeast corner of Restland and TI Blvd. The 7-acre facility is open 24/7 and features several ranges, four of which are lighted for evening use.

For more information or to reserve a spot at the clinic, call Foxy Huntress at 469-386-1810 or contact through our website, www.foxyhuntress.com/contact-us. Type "Archery Clinic" in the comment box to receive a registration form.

Foxy Huntress is a Dallas-based manufacturer of women's specialty hunting and outdoor clothing, designed by and for women. The company is dedicated not only to providing women a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience, but also to making those experiences available to more people, especially women and youth. For information on Foxy Huntress and its products, visit www.foxyhuntress.com.