Texas Hunting News

Texas’ “Hogs-by-Helicopter” Law is a Booming Success

State lawmakers around the country seeking to lead their constituencies out of economic woe may want to make note of a new Texas law that’s having very positive financial effects for the state. The law allows landowners to sell permits for taking invasive and destructive feral hogs via helicopter and is being lauded as a huge success.

Texas Expands Use of Suppressors for Hunting of Non-exotic Game

Officials in Texas have adopted rules allowing hunters to use suppressors (often called silencers) on their firearms effective September 1, 2012. Texas has now become one of a growing number of states that allow or are considering allowing suppressed hunting. Arizona just enacted permission for their use in March of 2012.

Is it Legal to Hunt Bigfoot?

BigfootCryptomundo reader John Lloyd Scharf was wondering just that. His curiosity led him to send a letter to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) asking whether it is legal to kill Bigfoot in the state if one should chance upon him. The TPWD Chief of Staff Lt. David Sinclair replied that because an indigenous cryptid is not listed as a game animal, it would be legal.

Texas Fish Hatchery Forced to Close Due to Relentless Drought

A year of drought has taken its toll on Texas and ranchers and farmers are feeling the effect. Texas’ largest fish farm suspended operations and has left their dry farm closed for almost two months now. Now, Dundee State Fish Hatchery fish farmers look to 2013 to be able to resume operations. Never in the history of state fish farms operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division (TPWD) has a facility had to shut down because of insufficient water.

Archery Hits the Mark for Texans

They may not be hunting for food for their families in District 12, like Katniss before The Hunger Games, but archery has still become a popular sport with children and teens across the nation. Seeing this increased interest, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently began work with the Archery Trade Association to offer archery programs and opportunities in communities across Texas.

The Greatest Conservation Story You Never Heard: 75 Years of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration

Imagine a nationwide coalition saying “please tax us; we want to pay federal taxes.” Such a thing seems inconceivable today, but that’s essentially what happened starting 75 years ago when hunters and anglers called for what became the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) programs.

They were motivated by dire peril. By the late 1800s, America was on a runaway train barreling toward a natural resource disaster— and most people didn’t even know it. While we were busy creating the richest and most powerful nation in the world, we were also laying waste to its natural abundance.

Family Fish Camp at Lake Texana State Park, Texas

Lake Texana State Park and Fishing’s Future, a non-profit organization dedicated to bring children and their parents together through the outdoor experience of fishing, is teaming up to host a Family Fish Camp at Lake Texana State Park at 9:30 a.m., Sunday, April 15.

Texas PWD Opens Deer Season in Metro Dallas Counties, Approves Silencers

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved opening a hunting season for deer in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and Galveston counties as part of changes to the 2012-13 Statewide Hunting Proclamation.

Endangered Whooping Cranes Winding Down Unusual Year

It’s been an unusual year for whooping cranes in Texas and the endangered species’ spring migration is the latest example. Researchers report several whooping crane families initiated their spring migration nearly a month earlier than usual, with some birds having already reached South Dakota.

Texans are asked to report sightings of these large white birds as they progress along their migration route northward from the coast through Central Texas and the Wichita Falls area.

Texas Prepares for CWD Possibility in Far West Texas

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) has informed Texas officials that three mule deer harvested a few miles from the Texas border last hunting season have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).